Who is the UK’s best active fighter?

Anyone who knows me well will know that there is not a lot I get more excited about than talking about boxing.

I love hearing opinions from casual fans as to who the best boxer in Britain really is as most of them can probably only name 3 or 4 active fighters anyway and I always get the same few names.

What I really want to know is what do the people who watch the smaller cards which don’t have the general public’s interest think?

Is Kell Brook better than Amir Khan?
Would David Price knockout Tyson Fury?
And who would have their arm raised at the end of Quigg vs Frampton?

Most pound for pound British rankings put Carl Froch a head and shoulders above the rest although he hasn’t won titles at other weights while Ricky Burns and Amir Khan have both won world titles at more than one weight class.

I’m not saying Ricky or Amir are better but I would love to hear your opinions on who is the best active British boxer of any weight class??
Even list me your top 3, 5 or 10.


Lee Russell


    • guzwarrior

      Hello. I really liked your article ablut GGG. I like your writing style and content.
      Who would you match Genady with now? In the UK people would lime to see him vs Froch.

      • personalfoul247

        Thanks. I would like to see GGG fight Froch or Cotto. I think either fighter would make for a good fight. Froch or Cotto would be a good test for GGG to see where he stands up agaisnt the best. Although it would be interesting to see GGG face Amir Kahn.

        Who do you think would be a good matchup for GGG?

        Who dod

        • guzwarrior

          Khan vs ggg is just a foregone conclusion. I love watching Amir as he is exciting but his punch resistance would be near non existant at middleweight its bad enough now. I don’t think he has a glass chin. He has been caught cold a few times by solid shots that would trouble most but he doesn’t have a chin like cotto or froch.

          I want to see him in with Alvarez at light middle as I still think that it is his natural weight and he would be even stronger for it.

          • personalfoul247

            It would be interesting to see Kahn and GGG. That would be a must see fight and add more credibilty to GGG.

            Alvarez would be a good opponent. I actually there is a real possibilty that they can meet in the ring after Cotto vs Alaverz. Just hope promoters don’t get in the way and keep their fighters away from GGG.

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