Where does Tony Bellew go to next?

Big Tony. The scouse Rocky? Or the luckiest man in boxing?

A lot of people are split on Tony’s recent win over the former heavyweight champion David Haye. But which ever way you look at how that fight unravelled, Tony was able to live with David Haye’s speed and power making him a prospect of world level heavyweight boxing.

The bomber has openly said that he has no interest in fighting Anthony Joshua, but has recently been talking to Deontay Wilder about a trans-atlantic bout which would sell out any stadium in the UK and sell PPVs world wide.

He has also been called out by Joseph Parker who himself will be looking at Tony as a valuable draw rather than as an established heavyweight challenger.

Of course Bellew also has the David Haye re-match option which would likely be bigger than the first due to the exciting way in which the first fight went.

Hoping for the very best for the one time actor in Creed, the latest  movie in the Rocky franchise. But we all really want to know, does the cruiserweight champ have another huge fight on the horizon and will he get that Rocky moment and lift a version of the Heavyweight title? 

I truly hope so.


  1. Chris 'Rab' Butler

    I don’t think that the Haye fight was that spectacular seeing as Haye was past his best and had 2 “fights” against proper shite opposition. Wilder would bang him out and he might fare well against Parker but I won’t be stopping up to watch that. Alright, I would but it doesn’t excite me that much.

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