The Pound 4 pound Merry go Round….

There is a possibility of Mayweather trying to add a middleweight belt to his growing collection by re-matching Miguel Cotto.


Previously it seemed Cotto was going to face another former Mayweather challenger in Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on the chosen Mayweather fight date of May 2nd. That fight has now fell through leaving Cotto without an opponent for that date.


Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao are both already in training in hope of tying up the Mayweather fight. An opponent who is known for playing mind games and changing direction at the last minute. In a recent interview Khan has stated clearly that should the Mayweather fight fall through for him and Manny then he would want to fight Pacquiao even though he sees it as a tougher fight.



They’ve sparred with each other in the much talked about gym wars at the wildcard gym in LA, and with Khan desperate to add a big name to his record I believe it would be an easy fight to make.

Khan was previously trained by Manny’s trainer Freddie Roach but has changed dramatically in style since his switch to Virgil Hunters camp after the shock Danny Garcia KO loss.
In a recent interview Roach stated that they didn’t see a point in fighting Khan when Manny regularly dropped Khan in sparring. A fact that has been dismissed as a lie by Khan and others present at the sparring sessions.


Manny vs Floyd still remains the most sought after fight for nearly everyone who has anything to do with the sport including the majority of fans as it’s such a big event it would likely help to raise the profile of the sport as a whole.

11 manny floyd

Pacquiao has given Floyd’s team a clear ultimatum to tie up the negotiations and contracts and announce the fight by January 31st or he will find another opponent. In a previous interview Khan also said the end of January would be the point he makes a decision on his next fight should Mayweather turn down his challenge.
All the cards are in Mayweather’s hands but if he was to look towards Cotto or anyone else in fact I think the masses may turn against him and should Khan VS Pacquiao take place on the same night then I believe the latter fight would win the battle for viewers.

As per usual with the Mayweather situation all we can do us wait and hope. Floyd doesn’t let himself be pressured into anything he doesn’t want to do including announcing what he might already know.

So keep one eye on the circus as the month comes towards an end.

Manny vs Floyd?
Khan vs Manny?
Floyd vs Cotto?
Floyd vs Khan?

Who knows?


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