The Genius is plotting a national title! Jamie Speight vs Isaac Lowe on SKY SPORTS

Representing Devon once again on the big stage, Jamie the Genius Speight has it all to gain in front of a national audience on Sky Sports on September 5th.

Being from Devon myself I can’t help but get excited about this fight. I first found out directly from Jamie’s Facebook page:

speight hearnIt has been confirmed today by Mr Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sports that I shall fight for the English Featherweight Title on a HUGE bill in the First Direct arena in the mighty city Leeds on September 5th live on Sky Sports 1. I boxed for this title in 2013 against my old foe and now good friend Josh Warrington and it is a pleasure and an honour to now be on the undercard. Thank you to all my team at Goodwin promotions for their hard work and of course to Eddie Hearn and Matchroom for the amazing opportunity. Will have tickets for this unbelievable bill next week £30, £40 and £100 ringside. Thank you all for your support and I hope you all get behind me. ‪#‎MOT‬ ‪#‎LeedsArentWe‬ ‪#‎TeamGenius‬


apeigh vs warringtonThe current BBBoC Southern Area Featherweight champion who last fought for the English title against Josh Warrington has another shot at the title in front of 12,000 fans at the First Direct Arena in Leeds on the undercard of Josh’s double title fight with Joel Brunker.



Things were not looking so good for ‘The Genius‘ a couple of seasons ago when he lost a few fights back to back. The quality of these opponents however, tell a very different story as Jamie was able to go the distance with Lewis Petit, Josh Warrington and also Jon Fernandes who was looking to make it 3 TKOs in a row when they fought.


speight whyattWhen Jamie stepped up to fight Craig Whyatt who was also on a streak of KO victories he managed to turn the tables and pick up his first KO win and the Southern area title at the same time. This started the momentum leading to the title shot in Leeds this September.



Last time out Jamie outpointed Ian Bailey to retain the title and set up this huge fight live on Sky Sports against Morecambe’s Isaac Lowe.

Lowe who is only 21 years old currently has an impressive unbeaten 10-0 record.

On Isaac, Jamie said:isaac lowe y

Isaac Lowe was a good amateur and boxes well from range with long straight shots he’s 10-0 for a reason but it’s up to me and no one else to prove I belong at this level. He’s young and fresh and I expect a good hard fight.



I asked Jaime a few questions about the upcoming fight. Here is what was said:

11224728_846817065354059_945113561364424855_n How does it feel different this time around?
In many ways Lee, firstly we are live on Sky Sports which is huge. Not just for me, but my team and everyone who supports me and follows my career. All in all I am in a better place in life than I was when I fought Josh in 2013. Not to mention against Josh my trainer at the time dropped a bomb on me the night before the weigh-in (2 days before the fight), that he couldn’t come because of a problem with his ex. This really left me in the lurch. My head was all over the place and the game plan that had been studied for 10 weeks went out the window. This time I’ll be ready physically and mentally.

Last time out you were defending your title against Ian Bailey. A lot of the crowd reacted angrily when you had your hand raised. Having watched the fight back what is your opinion on the fight?


The only people booing in the crowd were Baileys fans and and that’s expected when your fans are loyal they should support you through thick and thin, win and lose. I boxed Bailey from range and repeatedly peppered him with long straight shots on his way in and on my way in. I also had the better of any inside exchanges as well as making him miss constantly, it was me that controlled the range and pace of the fight and that’s why I was the fresher of the two in rounds 7,8,9 & 10. I’m not taking anything away from Bailey, he’s a tough, tough man and he had spells of success, but relentlessly walking forward and landing 1 or 2 decent eye catching shots in a round when the other guy is continuously working his jab and right hand amongst other things isn’t enough to win the round. He didn’t win the fight and the belt stayed where it should of.

speight tv



Having trained with Josh and his camp in Leeds it must feel great to get your big chance on his undercard?
I’m over the moon mate and feel really privileged, me and Josh get on really well and are good mates, we still speak now and I get on with all of the family. Always got on great with his dad and trainer (my former trainer) Sean O’Hagan and he’s a man I respect a great deal, he taught me some valuable things that I still very much use in my arsenal. We will alwaysmaintain a friendly and working relationship as well as have a top laugh and that’s what it’s all about enjoying yourself.

In the UK Sky Sports Boxing shows are the equivalent of the Premier league in football. So this fight is kind of like a playoff match where winning puts you into the top division with the best in the country. Are you looking at this fight as the next step on a much bigger mission?
Always concentrate on the rung you are stepping on when climbing the ladder…….I’m a very grounded and down to earth person mate and I’m not looking at no bigger picture…..I know there is one but September 5th stands in my way and is my number 1 priority. I just want to achieve as much as I possibly can and make myself and others that follow me proud, I have put many many years and countless hours in the sport that I love and hopefully all the hard work pays off come the end.

Isaac Lowe is 21 years old but already 10-0. Is the pressure more on him not to lose his 0?


Your first loss is horrible and something every fighter fears but I’ve been there and tasted defeat and every time I’ve dusted myself off learnt from my mistakes and gone again. Isaac may feel under pressure, he may not, I believe everybody is different.

You have been sparring with world champion Lee Haskins, and many other top fighters, what does this do for your preperation?
11165109_10152981932698580_1613874671280814509_nI’ve shared the ring with many class fighters such as Lee Haskins, Paul Butler, Jamie & Gavin McDonnell, Gary Buckland and of course Josh Warrington…..I always hold my own and have success that’s how I know there’s more to give but it’s sparring with these types of people that gives you the experience to climb the ladder properly prepared.

You have a growing fan base, anything to say for the followers?
I’d just like to thank everybody who takes the time tomessage me, like my statuses and comment on them etc it’s truly humbling. All you people who go out of your way to come and support me at every fight it means so much to me I cannot tell you….You are as much a part of this team as I am and I am eternally grateful.

That’s all I’ve got really mate unless there is anything you would like to add?
I’m currently looking for sponsors for this huge show in the First Direct Arena in Leeds on September 5th, it’s live on Sky Sports so fantastic exposure if anyone is interested don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you all for your time and paying an interest and thanks for having me on again Lee.  #TeamGenius


Ashley ‘Treasure’ Theopane (professional boxer)

ashley theophaneI first watched Jamie at a Mickey Helliet show a year ago. I was impressed by his boxing skills then. Lucky enough I was in London for his last fight at Bethnal Green which was a very hard one but he broke his opponent down and got the victory. He can become British champion. It is about him believing in his ability and keep pushing himself.



lee haskinsLee Haskins (World Champion Professional boxer):

Jamie’s a great kid, works really hard!



ASH LANE (Professional Boxer):

ash laneJamie Speight is a lovely kid. Will genuinely do anything for anyone and I really hope he can pull of this win.



Nathan Hill/CoachTroopa (BBBoC Professional Boxing Coach:

TroopsWell done on getting the English title fight and good luck to one of the hardest working boxers I know and have had the pleasure to work with, good things don’t come to those who wait, they go to the ones that work hard!
steve goodwinSteve Goodwin (Boxing Promoter/Manager)
Committed hard working and deserves every success he gets. I am privileged to be able to create the openings for him.
Kevin Campion (Head of Boxing and Matchmaker at Goodwin Boxing)
kevin campionJamie is a slick boxer who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He is as dedicated as anyone I have met. Willing to go to a fighter’s backyard. He is one of those old school fighters who will fight anyone.
Jack Green (Pro Boxing Coach)
11796388_1029526370392789_888426380075199106_nAfter being close friends and training side by side for many years, I have now been training Jamie full time for just under a year. Being from Devon we have all the odds against us in this hard boxing game. Jamie has never give up. Coming off a great training camp and an even better win in his last fight, we are just where we want to be. Changing things up last time around and always working on new things also we have got Jamie back to what he was best at.
This is a massive opportunity for Jamie! I will dedicate and give my all to him to succeed, as I know he will me. He trains harder than anyone I know and believe me! We will take this well earned shot with both hands and bring the English title back to Devon! #TEAMGENIUS

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