Terminator Turns Pro! The Darren Townley Story Continues.

I’m lucky enough to know a few boxers personally and over the last 18 months I’ve spent a lot of time talking to Darren Townley about his boxing journey.
Darren has been an amateur boxer for 10 years. Thats more time spent in the gym then a lot of us have spent watching boxing. More miles on the road then a lot of us have driven to work.
Something that was always came up during discussion was Darren eventually turning professional, so I knew it was only so long before I wrote my first article about Darren ‘Terminator’ Townley the pro boxer.
Darren recently signed his first professional contract so I thought it was time to have another catch up.
There’s a lot of noise about your professional début. Tell us all about it?

I am massively excited, I have worked a long time for this and I am very grateful that Goodwin Promotions have given me the chance to join there team. Its a big opportunity for me to prove myself so I will make sure when I step in the ring on September the 19th I will be 110% prepared and in the best shape I have ever been in. I couldn’t ask for a better place to Début then at the York Hall in London. It makes things even more exciting! I went to watch the last Goodwin Promotions show there where my friend & team mate Jamie Speight boxed and retained his Southern area belt. The atmosphere there is unreal! With everyone on the balconies really getting behind the boxers! 


Where can people buy tickets, and how much are they?
I have been issued with tickets so you can get them from myself.
Standard tickets are £35 and that includes the balcony. Ringside tickets are £60 or VIP tickets are £100 which includes a free bar 5pm-7.30pm
How did the process of turning pro go? Can you describe the process?
It started with a trip to London to sit down with the Goodwin team at one of their press conferences. After Steve and the team agreeing to sign me, the process is pretty long winded with brain scans and medicals. Then you have to make the trip to London again to have a hearing with the British Boxing Board of Control where they drill you with questions to make sure your knowledgeable on the safety aspects of the sport, such as cutting weight safely and just making sure you are suitable & experienced enough to be a professional boxer.
I hear you have made some changes to your training camp. whats going on?
11224728_846817065354059_945113561364424855_nYes! Jack Green is now my coach. I was working with him towards the end of my amateur career and we gelled together well and I really enjoy the way he coaches. All 3 of us have a similar mentality and attitude towards boxing we all work really hard and take it very seriously. In some ways we’re perfectionists, we like to do everything right and while were together we have a good laugh which is important and makes training more enjoyable.
Now my first training camp has started we are 2 weeks in and my fitness is coming along nicely as is my weight which has been on target every week. We are working together on some great new skills which I feel I am picking up quickly, and also lots of different drills to really get me set into the professional style of boxing.

As you came to the end of your amateur career you had a big win in California, how important is a win to you in your first fight as a pro?

It is massively important to me, I am not even thinking about losing. I am certainly not training this hard to lose!  Winning my début will put me on the right track for the next step in my career. It’s also my chance to show what I can do on a big show like this one.  So a win is a must.


You live in Plymouth and the gym is in Paignton. Living so far away from the gym, what are you doing to make sure you will be sharp and ready?

I don’t mind travelling. If I have to travel to get the right training then I will happily do it. I’m making the trip to Paignton a few times a week and also Jack will come down to Plymouth to train me. It’s no problem for me going up there as its not too far and most importantly I’m getting the right coaching there so its all worth while.
For days that I’m not in Paignton, I’ve got a training program I stick too. I will do my runs around Plymouth and make use of the great facilities at the Plymouth Life Centre using the pool and gym. I’m also working with my strength and conditioning coach James Bodley twice a week at Total Rebuild in Plymouth. We are doing some great training & explosive work which I feel I am really benefiting from and getting stronger week by week.
It must be an amazing feeling to know you are debuting in one of the most famous boxing venues around. The atmosphere is always amazing at the York Hall. How important will your travelling fans be to your success?
I wouldn’t call them fans just yet ha ha. But yes its a great feeling. I saw that boxing news had listed the York Hall as one of the top 10 boxing venues in the world!  During the amateurs I rarely got the chance to box at home but when I did I would get great support from all of my mates and other boxing supporters that came along, and I’m hoping now with the great shows I will be on that the support from everyone will continue people come along to these big shows as it makes a huge difference. It’s a great feeling and its massively appreciated. Especially when they’re making loads of noise and you somehow find that extra gear!!

We often hear the phrase ‘You can’t play boxing’ thrown around. Do you feel that going pro will make you take boxing even more seriously then before?

I totally agree! You can’t do it half hearted or take short cuts in boxing. You have someone across the ring who has also been doing everything they can to beat you and make a statement themselves. That is why I’ve always taken boxing seriously. The good thing for me is that I used the amateurs to learn. I tried different things and I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve made mistakes, not always costly ones but ones that would have probably cost me if I made them at this stage. I’ve boxed too heavy or too light to get late notice contests. I’ve tried different diets that didn’t work for me but I’ve learned from the mistakes and now I know what suites me. I have found the right diet that works well for me and I have found the weight which I can perform at my best. There is no room for mistakes now so I wont be making any! In the pro’s you usually get a good amount notice to prepare properly and peak at the right time. That’s how I like it. We won’t get messed around now like you can in the amateurs with people pulling out last minute because their hamster’s got tennis elbow. I love the idea of having a good amount of time to get rightly prepared.
GW Boxing has always tried to make sure we give coverage to the young fighters from the south west breaking through. At 27 years old some would say you are leaving it late going pro. I personally disagree and think the experience in the amateurs will give you the best foundation to launch your pro career from. Whats your opinion?
I don’t feel that 27 is late in boxing these days. A lot of the good amateurs seem to be trying to get as much experience as they can before turning professional. Look at Luke Campbell for example. He is my age (27). He is obviously a massive prospect after going all the way in the amateurs and winning an Olympic gold medal. His pro career has only really just started to get going for him earlier this year. In my opinion, he is a good 3 years from his prime. I could name a few guys that are starting at around my age and proving they are there for a reason with their better years yet to come.

Working alongside the current Southern area champion Jamie Speight, you have already got some quality sparring in. I know you can’t go telling sparring tales but can you tell us some of the guys you have sparred with so far?

11351329_10152781758037441_4643329989381008581_nYeah it’s great. We were working together before I joined them. Jack and Jamie were already regularly travelling to the best gyms around and sparring with the top British boxers. By joining them it’s only going to bring me on  more sparring with these tough experienced guys. We’ve been up to Wales a few times at the St Josephs Gym in Newport where Tony Borg has had us doing rounds with his guys such as Craig Evans and the Buckland brothers. We’ve also made regular trips up to Bristol where Jamie has been a regular sparring partner for Lee Haskins. We have made the trip up there a few times to spar with Lee leading up to his successful world title bid. It’s great experience doing rounds with the top guys. Especially Lee, as he is a really nice fella and has given me some really good pointers. I mean you can’t really ask for better advice than that from a world champion!11165109_10152981932698580_1613874671280814509_n

I know there are still opportunities available to sponsor you before your fight, how would a business get in touch with you to enquire about a sponsorship?

I have got some great help from sponsors so far! So a big thank you to Liam Dansie of PRO-FIT Contractors Ltd who also helped me last year.
James Bodley of Total Rebuild for the personal training and Strength & Conditioning sessions he gives me.
Everyone Active at the Plymouth Life Centre for there help and use of their fantastic facilities.
11201876_799878383466203_1555217492552736388_nA huge thanks to my newest sponsors SILI SUNGLASSES who you can find on Facebook here.
We are just waiting on a couple more sponsors to be confirmed but yes if anybody is interested in some advertising opportunities or feel they can help in any way, they can contact me. There is still sponsorship opportunities available. They can email at darrentownley@live.co.uk as any support is greatly appreciated!
Don’t forget to follow Darren on his professional journey via his Official Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/boxerdarrentownley


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