Temecula Townley. The Terminator in California

There are simply not enough words to express the amount of effort Darren Townley puts into his boxing.

Anyone who knows him,will say that for Darren, training is all about distances.

10 kilometers, 15 kilometers, half marathons or the 5037 Miles!!!! he has traveled for the second time now to train with the stars in California!


Leaving Plymouth, friends and family behind, Darren has linked up once again with Jesse Moreno.

Jesse has over 10 years experience in amateur and professional boxing and brags an impressive CV including:

  • Certified USA Boxing Coach
  • License Professional Boxing Coach
  • Masters in Business Management
  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning
  • Modify Diet Tech
  • US Navy Retiree
  • Over 20 National & Regional Champions

Jesse Moreno is brilliant! He has achieved such a lot and is a fantastic coach. He’s been working on everything for me. He has got me working on my balance. Getting the right balance to get more power out of my shots. We’ve done a lot of work using angles, and some great defensive work with lots of head movement. I’ve done loads of core work, and even more work on my jab. I think I’ve thrown about a trillion jabs in the last 2 months! When I sleep all all i hear is  ‘MORE ABS AND MORE JABS’ HAHA! We’ve added a lot of uppercuts, and really working the body shots as well.

Darren chose to base himself at Temecula boxing to get to the next level. With regular quality sparring and working with some brilliant coaches and fighters he has been able to take in a lot of experience and knowledge which will be worth it’s weight in gold when he returns to the UK later this year.

The sparring is tougher out here, but tough is good! It’s mostly Mexican guys training at the gyms, and they’re tough as old boots!
We have guys from other gyms visit us to spar and its kinda treated like a bout. A coach doing your corner and normally 3 rounds of the full 3 minutes. When you hurt someone in sparring in the UK you back off, but out here if you hurt them you keep going till you get them out of there.  I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of sparring with Temecula Boxing’s professional prospects Mario & Kevin. They are both really talented guys and it’s doing me a world of good to get so many rounds in with these guys. It’s been a pleasure to help them prepare for the fights in May. I can see big futures for them both!


Darren was matched in an amateur bout in Ontario against a home fighter and did both Temecula boxing and the UK proud by coming away with a stoppage win.

  I didn’t know anything about him to be honest. I just boxed who they put in front of me. I felt really good once I got in the ring. I could feel the improvement in my jab immediately. Every-time I threw it, it was landing. All the work on the balance enabled me to get my shots off with more power! When I went to the body I was really hurting him. They gave him a standing count in the second round. Jesse told me to get him out of there in the 3rd so I went out fast and started catching him with some crisp clean shots. About 20 seconds into the round his corner threw the towel in!


The ‘Temecula Boxing Gym‘ is open all day Monday to Friday and Darren has been taking full advantage with sessions of up to 2 and half hours hard work including morning cardio work, technical sessions and afternoon sparring.

I have learned so much out here! I can’t wait to get a match. Hopefully as soon as I’m home so I can show what I’ve learned out here. It’s amazing how I can still be learning so much after so long in the game. I feel like a sponge out here, just trying to take in as much as I can. I can really notice improvements everyday in sparring.
Jesse has helped me to develop a professional style. I’ve always preferred it that way and been better at it. Thats where I want to go with boxing pretty soon so it makes  perfect sense. He’s taught me a lot of different types of styles and I have become more of a multi-dimensional fighter as a result. It’s made me feel confident coming up against any kind of style I might have to deal with in the ring.

I’m hoping to get another fight and another win with a bit of luck! I just want to take in as much knowledge as they can give me, or as much as my brain can take, haha.


Darren is also very passionate about his distance running and has been known to run competitive times in the distance races across the south west of England. He has taken full advantage of the chance to try out new terrains and has been regularly competing whilst he has been in California. Even pickednt up the overall win at the Perris 10km event.


Apart from missing a few home comforts he said he has really enjoyed the trip so far and would recommended that anyone thinking about training abroad should just do it!

If you’re thinking about it, do it! I highly recommend it!

If you go to California go to Temecula Boxing and you’ll pick up some great stuff! California is an amazing place and not just for the boxing! I’ve been visiting lots of different places out here. San Diego is probably my favourite, LA is also good. Some really cool things to see out there such as Hollywood with all the stars and Beverly Hills with all the amazing houses.I visited lots of beaches like Long beach, Ocean beach and Pacific beach. Theres just so much to do and see out here. We went to watch the Super-cross again which was cool. A trip to Vegas is on the cards pretty soon too!

Being in California with a hunger for Boxing, it was only so long before Darren did some sight seeing more suitable to his mission to improve as a boxer. Visiting several gyms and being lucky enough to attend the Mayweather vs Pacquiao press conference he has added even more stars to his impressive list of boxing people he has met.

I have met up with some great guys from the gym which I already know from the last time I was here. I went to the Mayweather vs Pacquiao press conference where I met a load of col people like the legend Marco Antonio Barrera!, Johnny Nelson & Adam Smith from SKy Sports’ Ringside. I also got to meet some top coaches like Ricky Funez and Robert Garcia, boxing reporter Ellie Sechbach and the gym whore Alex Ariza hahaha.  I managed to get my gloves signed by Manny Pacquiao at the Wildcard Gym too which I was made up with! There are boxing greats everywhere. At my fight the former world champion Julio Diaz was there and I got a photo with him and his brother Joel Diaz who is the trainer of Timothy Bradley. Theres so much boxing related stuff going on out here all the time I cant get enough of it!


I went to watch Berto vs Lopez and Shawn Porter and Chris Arreola were on the bill.  Theres a couple of amatuer shows coming up I’m going to go along too as well

I visited a lot gyms out here last time so this time I have stuck to the best one I found in my opinion, which is Temecula Boxing. They’re a great bunch of guys down there. It’s a very friendly gym and I definately learn the most there. While I was in LA I did sessions at Tengoose and Wildcard. Wildcard has changed into more of a posers gym now. Freddie Roach has opened up a new gym downstairs for his top guys, so the old Wildcard isn’t as spectacular as it used to be training wise, but it’s still cool to go and check out and maybe buy a shirt or get a picture haha! we are possibly going to Timothy Bradleys gym for sparring sometime soon too.


Still amongst all the fun and boxing Darren i missing home and has one eye firmly set on the return to Plymouth.

 I miss my family a lot, my friends and #Jaspercat. But I speak to them all on skype. Yes #Jaspercat too!  Oh and I’d kill for a full English breakfast.HAHA. I miss that!

When I get home I want to box as soon as possible while I’m still in the swing of things. I want to keep active. I’ve spoke to my coaches at home and Jonny Friend is gonna sort something for me. I really hope its in Plymouth because I haven’t boxed at home since 2012. I think theres another ‘Intense Dinner show’ coming up or another ‘Devonport show’ I can get on soon, so fingers crossed!

As always Darren asked me to give a huge thanks for the team behind him and his sponsors James Bodley at Total Rebuild and Liam from Concept Carpentry.

Spoke to a few people about Darren and also took a quote from Taurus Gym’s Jimmy Hamilton to describe how others in the boxing community think of Darren’s work in the USA.

Jimmy Hamilton:

Just a little nod to in my opinion the best and most dedicated boxer we have from Plymouth at the moment. Not a product of Taurus Gym, just comes to us for some sparring now and again. But a genuine guy and a real fighter who is open minded and eager to learn. Not just looking for 2 mins of fame down the local pub by fighting no hopers on no hopers shows. Hence why he is now in the states, improving his trade.
My hat is off to you Darren Townley. And myself and everyone at Taurus Gym wish you all the luck in the world mate…you deserve it!


Travis Muckle:

Hi Lee..Darren is a great kid…great attitude. .Always listens and works extremely hard. .The sky is the limit with him….I enjoy spending time with him when he visits.

Mario Cuin:

Darren has a great jab when we spar. His style throws me off but he puts in nothing but hard work in the gym!

Kevin Salgado:

He’s great man, I’m a pro boxer that uses him for sparring. He won his amature fight by stopage fighting outa Temecula Boxing with cornermen Jesse Moreno and Kevin Salgado, both his trainers. He fights again in 2 weekz and we expecting a k.o!

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    Good to see Darren doing so well for himself over there, always good to have him at Saltash ABC for sparring too. Our lads love having him in there to train with.

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