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Harry Armstrong

Harry (the HATC) Armstrong, or ‘Harry the beast’ is a 21-year-old 100 kg Super-Heavyweight Amateur Boxer from Camden, London.

Currently living in Torquay with his Mum, Dad, and 2 sisters he trains and fights out of Devonport ABC under the tuition and guidance of Johnny Friend and Steve Bugdale.

At the age of just 12 Harry’s dad took him along to Apollo ABC in Torquay as he was often fighting in school and on the rugby pitch and thought a boxing club but be a better place to channel that energy. Harry has been previously trained by Alan Brightman, David Armstrong and Glynn Mitchell.

From the moment I smelt the gloves and set eyes on the gym I knew that’s where my future lay. Barely a day passes where I don’t lace up a pair of boxing gloves. I love it!

Harry has had great success so far as an Amateur winning 14 out of 25 bouts. He is a former National Junior ABA champion and has reached the Senior Novice National semi-finals.


He is due out next on the 4th December this year in a warm up for the National Championships next year.

My short-term goals are to win all my fights and get as far as possible in this seasons elite ABAs.

Harry is doing everything he can to improve his chances of success and currently trains five  to 6 days a week, 3 nights at Devonport ABC who he now fights for, and 2 nights at his former club, the Apollo ABC. He works a full-time day job as a roofer but not before getting up for his runs. He also puts in extra sessions for strength and conditioning.


He has an impressive sparring resume having sparred with former British & Commonwealth and current European title holder Dereck Chisora, Ben Ileyemi (Cousin to Olympic Gold medalist Anthony Joshua), Hughie Fury, Tyson Fury and Eddie Chambers.

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When asked why he puts in so much he said:

I love boxing because it’s one of the toughest sports in the world! It’s 1 man vs another and once u step between the ropes and all the hard work has been done, it’s time to enjoy the fight and pit yourself against the best! Boxing is like no other sport. The fitness required is second to none and the sacrifice and dedication you put yourself through is so hard, but I love it. I love getting up at 5.45am for my runs before work and finishing training at 9pm after work. I love to push myself to my limits every day and improve. It’s the best feeling when you  crawl home knowing you’ve trained your hardest. The more training the better for me. It leaves you buzzing to get into the ring. Fight night is what I live for!

In the future, ‘The HATC’ wants to turn professional and emulate his hero Mike Tyson by going all the way to the top and winning a world Heavyweight title.

My favorite fighter of all time is Mike Tyson. He was incredible and I would like to be able to mix his raw animal skill, power and ability with a style like Anthony Joshua’s. My style is  skillful, sat back, rangey and  set a very hard and fast pace. I have full belief I can become a heavyweight world champion! I cannot wait to prove myself and a lot of other people right!

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Harry lives for his boxing and when he isn’t training or fighting he is catching up with the action as he loves to watch the other amateurs as well as the professionals on television.

If you want to speak to Harry or wish him well his social media links are:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hatcetharry

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HatcHarry/

Harry would like to say a few words to round off the article on his experience at Camp Chisora and a few thanks.

On Chisora….

I have recently been lucky enough to be invited to spar with Derek Chisora. I went for a day and then they asked me to stay all and be a part of the camp. Chisora was in absolute top form, he hits like a train. I did quiet a few rounds with him in which he worked through many gears and I felt I improved as the rounds went on and handled myself extremely well. Don Charles (Chisora’s manager and trainer) was very happy and impressed with the way I sparred and handled myself in the ring . It was a fantastic experience and I learned a great deal. I proved myself at the top-level and now I look forward to turning professional and becoming the beast I can become!!

Acknowledgements and thanks:

I’d like to thank my family who have supported me fantastically to date as well as my friends and sponsors. Josh Langford my best mate, who is always there for me. Neil Pittam from ‘You need energy’ who has supported me, believed in me and backed me since he first met me!  ‘Vain Train’ who have supplied  my amazing ‘VT  training kit’ and Pete the Dentist who has sponsored me and made sure I’ve been able to get to and from training and travel the country for quality sparring. I have top people, family and support around me and I couldn’t thank them all enough!


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