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Froch vs Ward 2 on the horizon………

There are so many talented super-middleweights in the UK it would be easy to forget about Carl Froch except for everyone consistently calling out his name.


The pound for pound number 2 on many pundits lists, Andre Ward is no exception since announcing his comeback this year.

Andre Ward is the only man with an unavenged win over Carl Froch. In the super six final he outwitted, outboxed and outclassed the Cobra. Continue reading


‘Cabbies Only’ boxing. A brilliant business move!

At Ringtone Boxing Gym on Tuesday mornings at 11am, Londons only Cab Driver’s only boxing class takes place!

I was fortunate enough to be invited down to Ringtone Boxing Gym in Euston before Xmas to meet Ben Day. The idea was to talk about Ben and start putting together a profile piece. Continue reading

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Jamie Speight

Published, Nov 21st 2014

‘The Genius’ Jamie Speight is a 26-year-old Super-Bantamweight from Torquay in Devon.

He currently lives and trains between Plymouth, Newton Abbot and Leeds and is a full-time professional boxer.

Jamie started boxing at the age of 7, and like many under the influence of his father.

I was picked on and a bit wimpy as a kid, so dad took me down the gym to ‘toughen me up’.

In recent time Jamie has relocated his training camp to Leeds where he trains under Sean O’Hagan alongside his former opponent and current European Featherweight Champion Josh Warrington.

warrington vs speight

Jamie trains 6 days a week with the father and son team and only has one days rest. He also does strength and conditioning work with Adam Domyslawski in Plymouth.

With a record of 12-6 as a professional Jamie is an experienced pro who has recently picked up his 3rd Southern Area title in a stoppage win over Surrey favorite Craig Whyatt at the Camden Centre in London. All three of his Southern area titles have been won at different weights.


Jamie has a fight anyone attitude which has given him the experience of fighting for the English title against the unbeaten Josh Warrington (19-0), as well as Ben Jones (15-5-1), Nigel Wright (24-6-1), Kevin Hooper (15-3) and Lewis Petit (11-1). His win over the unbeaten prospect Craig Whyatt has caught the eyes of many and has led to him now facing Robbie Turley (13-5) in Bristol in a Super-Bantamweight British title eliminator on December 5th.


Currently managed by Stefy Bull and sponsored by Eliminate Risk Security, He is without a current promotional contract and is working towards a big deal in the new year.


When he isn’t boxing or seeing his friends and family he likes to watch fighters who fight with a lot of skill like Emanuel Augustus, Floyd Mayweather and Guillermo Rigondeaux.

We asked him about his own style of boxing and he said:

I can pretty much box any way I am required too. Up until my move of camp to Leeds I was predominantly a skilful, switch hitter with a very punch and move style……with a fight looming I can’t say too much more.

i_StthiI.jpg small

Jamie loves to talk about boxing and was telling us about the highs and lows of the sport.

 My worst experience in boxing is being robbed of a blatant decision as the away fighter. It’s disgusting and ruins professional boxing.  If I could change anything about boxing it would be that whether you are fighting at home or away it would be a 50/50 fight and viewed that way by the judges or referee. Every one deserves a fair crack. Results can change careers and ultimately lives!

The best thing is the people you meet in boxing, it’s a proper boxing family and the levels of character and respect are fantastic. Me and Josh are a fine example of that.

8pBy-JIL.jpg small

We asked Jamie about any funny stories he may have about training camps etc:

There are probably loads and most being a tad inappropriate you know boys being boys! Haha. I have a very good sense of humour always the joker in the gym and trying to lighten the mood in training. Always willing to help people and pass on my knowledge to others.



Social Media

Facebook: Jamie Speight

Twitter: @boxerjayspeight

Give him a follow and don’t forget the hashtags #TheGenius #TeamGenius

Acknowledgements and Thanks

My first thank you would go to all those people who follow my career and go out of their way to support me and buy tickets to watch me fight, that means the world and I appreciate every single individual that does so. A huge thanks goes out to my sports therapist Anne-Marie Rice from Newton Abbot who has kept me in fighting condition after many niggles and injurys throughout my career. I thank all my past coaches that have played their parts respectively and my current coach Sean who I have really settled with and see my future in boxing with this team. Thank you to my good friend Jack Green who cares a lot for my career and does my pads when I’m back home, big thank you to my current sponsors Eliminate Risk Security they are great guys with a great team and very good at what they do, they help me out a lot! You can visit their website by following this link: http://www.eliminate-risk.co.uk

Finally thank you to my dad Nigel…..he’s been there since the very start of this journey when I was 7-8 years old. The amount of hours and miles he has put in is unreal and he has helped me and in many ways guided me to where I am today. He is a father and a best mate and I will never be able to thank him enough.

Video links:

Please click on any of the links below to watch the videos.

Jamie vs Kevin Hooper

Jamie vs Josh Warrington

Jamie vs Ben Jones

Jamie vs John Van Emmis part 1

Jamie Vs John Van Emmis part 2

Jamie on the pads with ‘GW Boxing’ affiliate #CoachTroopa

Jamie vs Pavels Senkovs


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Harry Armstrong

Harry (the HATC) Armstrong, or ‘Harry the beast’ is a 21-year-old 100 kg Super-Heavyweight Amateur Boxer from Camden, London.

Currently living in Torquay with his Mum, Dad, and 2 sisters he trains and fights out of Devonport ABC under the tuition and guidance of Johnny Friend and Steve Bugdale.

At the age of just 12 Harry’s dad took him along to Apollo ABC in Torquay as he was often fighting in school and on the rugby pitch and thought a boxing club but be a better place to channel that energy. Harry has been previously trained by Alan Brightman, David Armstrong and Glynn Mitchell.

From the moment I smelt the gloves and set eyes on the gym I knew that’s where my future lay. Barely a day passes where I don’t lace up a pair of boxing gloves. I love it!

Harry has had great success so far as an Amateur winning 14 out of 25 bouts. He is a former National Junior ABA champion and has reached the Senior Novice National semi-finals.


He is due out next on the 4th December this year in a warm up for the National Championships next year.

My short-term goals are to win all my fights and get as far as possible in this seasons elite ABAs.

Harry is doing everything he can to improve his chances of success and currently trains five  to 6 days a week, 3 nights at Devonport ABC who he now fights for, and 2 nights at his former club, the Apollo ABC. He works a full-time day job as a roofer but not before getting up for his runs. He also puts in extra sessions for strength and conditioning.


He has an impressive sparring resume having sparred with former British & Commonwealth and current European title holder Dereck Chisora, Ben Ileyemi (Cousin to Olympic Gold medalist Anthony Joshua), Hughie Fury, Tyson Fury and Eddie Chambers.

10734150_10203156436855719_1774531896881971744_n 10390036_10202259456551772_698198096965957230_n

When asked why he puts in so much he said:

I love boxing because it’s one of the toughest sports in the world! It’s 1 man vs another and once u step between the ropes and all the hard work has been done, it’s time to enjoy the fight and pit yourself against the best! Boxing is like no other sport. The fitness required is second to none and the sacrifice and dedication you put yourself through is so hard, but I love it. I love getting up at 5.45am for my runs before work and finishing training at 9pm after work. I love to push myself to my limits every day and improve. It’s the best feeling when you  crawl home knowing you’ve trained your hardest. The more training the better for me. It leaves you buzzing to get into the ring. Fight night is what I live for!

In the future, ‘The HATC’ wants to turn professional and emulate his hero Mike Tyson by going all the way to the top and winning a world Heavyweight title.

My favorite fighter of all time is Mike Tyson. He was incredible and I would like to be able to mix his raw animal skill, power and ability with a style like Anthony Joshua’s. My style is  skillful, sat back, rangey and  set a very hard and fast pace. I have full belief I can become a heavyweight world champion! I cannot wait to prove myself and a lot of other people right!

1000x69029-e1384107212856 mike-tyson-net-worth1

Harry lives for his boxing and when he isn’t training or fighting he is catching up with the action as he loves to watch the other amateurs as well as the professionals on television.

If you want to speak to Harry or wish him well his social media links are:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hatcetharry

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HatcHarry/

Harry would like to say a few words to round off the article on his experience at Camp Chisora and a few thanks.

On Chisora….

I have recently been lucky enough to be invited to spar with Derek Chisora. I went for a day and then they asked me to stay all and be a part of the camp. Chisora was in absolute top form, he hits like a train. I did quiet a few rounds with him in which he worked through many gears and I felt I improved as the rounds went on and handled myself extremely well. Don Charles (Chisora’s manager and trainer) was very happy and impressed with the way I sparred and handled myself in the ring . It was a fantastic experience and I learned a great deal. I proved myself at the top-level and now I look forward to turning professional and becoming the beast I can become!!

Acknowledgements and thanks:

I’d like to thank my family who have supported me fantastically to date as well as my friends and sponsors. Josh Langford my best mate, who is always there for me. Neil Pittam from ‘You need energy’ who has supported me, believed in me and backed me since he first met me!  ‘Vain Train’ who have supplied  my amazing ‘VT  training kit’ and Pete the Dentist who has sponsored me and made sure I’ve been able to get to and from training and travel the country for quality sparring. I have top people, family and support around me and I couldn’t thank them all enough!


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10614354_1461870820768970_1146291373751843818_n 10373677_10202341239116285_2839035758358153737_n 10454297_10203021729488119_7208705174862365777_n 10488224_10202341239916305_7340556718038243725_n 10359559_10203156437255729_610525493417136237_n 10352262_1461870734102312_77710452634317170_n 10346526_10202341239676299_739230475877813861_n 1472917_10201146501928602_82626407_n 533742_10201146501728597_1602921801_n 540965_4668168626141_964470983_n 562323_10200917529684439_188904476_n 1453280_10201072307073777_970114512_n 320527_114818378625043_652382920_n 37262_1303075980928_2823827_n 482469_4634581426482_156790438_n 217081_1012016824631_9030_n 35802_1301242535093_5353356_n 35802_1301248455241_4762025_n

joe 1

The King of the Valleys, The Prince of Wales.

2014 Hall of fame-er Joe Calzaghe needs no introduction to anyone in the know about boxing. Continue reading

Who is the UK’s best active fighter?

Anyone who knows me well will know that there is not a lot I get more excited about than talking about boxing.

I love hearing opinions from casual fans as to who the best boxer in Britain really is as most of them can probably only name 3 or 4 active fighters anyway and I always get the same few names.

What I really want to know is what do the people who watch the smaller cards which don’t have the general public’s interest think?
image Continue reading


Get involved

Love boxing? Join in!

It doesn’t matter how little time you have, what matters is what you can put in.

Whether you want to volunteer to help out at a kids club, sponsor an athlete or try some boxercise classes at you local club, there is no reason why you can’t get involved with boxing.

David Haye mentions ‘JoinIn’ in the video above. Please take a moment to click the link below to their website and see if you can make a difference!


Want to get fit or compete?

We would like to encourage everyone to get fitter. For competition or general fitness boxing based training is perfect for most people. Combinations of strength, cardiovascular and skill training can be advantageous to all levels of athletes.

Depending on what you want from your training we would recommend visiting you local boxing gym to talk to the trainers and boxers to see if what the club offers suits you.
If you are looking to compete in boxing make sure the club has certified ABAE  or BBBoC trainers who can prepare you for amateur or professional fights as required.

Please click a link below to get involved now!!!

Link to ABAE Amateur Boxing Club Finder


Sky Sports run an incentive based scheme to get involved in sport.

Click here to go to page.





A little idea of some of the training you may see at a boxing class: