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Froch vs Ward 2 on the horizon………

There are so many talented super-middleweights in the UK it would be easy to forget about Carl Froch except for everyone consistently calling out his name.


The pound for pound number 2 on many pundits lists, Andre Ward is no exception since announcing his comeback this year.

Andre Ward is the only man with an unavenged win over Carl Froch. In the super six final he outwitted, outboxed and outclassed the Cobra. Continue reading

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Chris ‘Rab’ Butler

Published, February 10th 2015 by Lee Russell.


Aged 52, Rab has 32 years of valuable experience in the boxing industry.

He was born in Hull and currently lives in Plymouth with his fiancée.

Outside of boxing Rab has many other likes including:

Football, cinema, dining out with his fiancée, drinking beer occasionally, listening to reggae and Northern soul, walking the dogs.

Boxing Career

The proud Ipswich Town fan was once nominated as a Royal Navy Sportsperson of the Year in the Plymouth Herald Sportsperson of the Year awards.


He started boxing aged 20 and has stuck with it as he finds it exciting.

I had a fight in the street that I didn’t win nor lose, but it inspired me to get in a gym and learn to deal with s*#t like that. I started the fight because the person who I had the ruck with, had started on me previously about a year before and when I was getting the better of him, his mates jumped me and kicked the crap out of me.

Having gained experience as an amateur boxer for the Royal Navy boxing team Rab turned his hand to coaching and is now concentrating on getting his boxers matched regularly and aims to take a fighter to the pinnacle of their boxing career.

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Rab coaches at Saltash ABC and Taurus MMA. He is semi-retired, working part time as a support worker.

When asked about his worst experience in boxing Rab said that he didn’t have any to speak of but if he could change anything…..

If it isn’t broke, why fix it? Head guards stop cuts, so why remove them and then expect males to box in the Olympics/Worlds/Commonwealths days on the bounce when the boxers haven’t grasped the concept of moving their heads or keeping their hands up? The WSB, what on earth is that all about? Where’s the dividing line between Ams and Pros? You qualify for the Olympics by winning a WSB and then go back as an amateur? Talk about confusion?



He said that his best experiences have been meeting people and making loads of friends.

His favourite fighter is Marvin Haggler and if he could fight like anyone who would it be?

Manny Pacquiao, the man is a whirlwind.



Funniest story about boxing?

Howard Foster for his stoppage of Max Maxwell against Tom Doran and also Carl Froch against George Groves in their first scrap. Blokes a Muppet! If he wasn’t serious when he stopped those fights you’d think he was having a laugh.


Social media

Facebook: Chris ‘Rab’ Butler

Twitter:  ChrisRabButler


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Anyone who I’ve met who I know and respect, they know who they are. I do this for the love of the sport, the great people I have met and the happy memories the sport has brought me. Boxing is a great sport if people remember the principle of sportsmanship and stop being self-centred.



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The King of the Valleys, The Prince of Wales.

2014 Hall of fame-er Joe Calzaghe needs no introduction to anyone in the know about boxing. Continue reading


For some strange reason it is only in football where the resale of tickets for profit is illegal.

So let’s put this another way.

Someone who has no interest in boxing whatsoever has every right to buy as many tickets for a fight they don’t want to go to that will no doubt sell out so that they can sell them on at an extortionate price.

a ticket a

Now one point of view is that this creates opportunities for people who struggle to make money anywhere else to earn a living and it’s a very valid point but unfortunately they are making money at the expense of someone else. Where a fair price for a show may have been £30 for an average seat, a tout would usually buy at least 10 of these tickets and then sell them on for up to 10 times their face value.

Many boxing fans do not come from privileged backgrounds or are in a position to pay above the odds when it comes to entertainment.  So when a loyal fan who regularly spends his hard earned money on shows, television coverage, pay-per-views etc it seems only fair that when a big fight comes around like Froch vs Groves 2 did in May this year that they be able to get their hands on one of 80,000 tickets at their face value.
This was not the case. Many ticket resale sights were already advertising tickets for 3 to 5 times their face value before they had even gone on public sale meaning that they were effectively selling a product they didn’t even have yet.
The  when they did go on sale within an hour every ticket had gone whilst the regular punters who were more than likely at work at 12 noon when they went on sale were left wondering how they can get a ticket.
a ticket
I was fortunate enough to be on night shift and battled the web queues in order to get 3 tickets for the group I went with. Some of my friends who are lifelong boxing fans who weren’t willing to miss a world title fight at the national stadium paid in excess of £150 for tickets that were originally £25.

There was a public out-roar on social media sites such as twitter and Facebook with people blaming the promoter. Unfortunately the blame really lies with the people willing to pay above the odds as it encourages ticket touts to go out and do it again.


As the opening statement says it is not illegal to re-sell tickets for profit at any events in the UK other than football.
In the aftermath of the complaints about the ticket availability for Froch Groves 2, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom sport introduced Matchroom Fightpass for his customers. For £29.95 a year you get 10 exclusive live streamed shows online, a Matchroom t-shirt, access to the Matchroom online video archive, other extras like downloadable wallpapers and most importantly priority ticketing for all Matchroom shows. This one-off fee could be less than the extra you would have to pay a tout for a ticket on top of the face value.

I hope that all boxing promoters take a look at the situation and do something similar to reward their loyal fans.

But more importantly I want the UK government to recognize that ticket touting is unfair and unjust and should be illegal at all events and not just football.


If you do find yourself missing the initial sale of tickets and you don’t want to miss the fight I encourage you all to buy resale tickets from third-party websites that have a face value policy only so you don’t get ripped off and you don’t encourage those who are already trying to rip someone else off.

You can always invite your mates around and watch it on the television where you get the benefits of replays, better views and cheaper beer!

Check out this group of Filipino nannies who rallied round to watch Pacquiao pick up the win last weekend.


by Lee Russell


Only 1 Ricky Hatton? Who is next?

Every boxing fan in the UK knows the chant. “There’s only 1 Ricky Hatton!”


I’m not about to question it really, more ask the question can anyone else from the current crop of British fighters go on to fill his boots and gain the following that the Hitman once had. Continue reading

Who is the UK’s best active fighter?

Anyone who knows me well will know that there is not a lot I get more excited about than talking about boxing.

I love hearing opinions from casual fans as to who the best boxer in Britain really is as most of them can probably only name 3 or 4 active fighters anyway and I always get the same few names.

What I really want to know is what do the people who watch the smaller cards which don’t have the general public’s interest think?
image Continue reading

The Boxing Blame Game!

Who is to blame for the current state of ‘World Title Boxing’.

Week in and week out I am asked the same questions ‘When is Froch going to fight Ward again?’, ‘When is Mayweather gonna fight Pacman’ or even more in the UK when will ‘Frampton and Quigg sit down and agree to fight each other’. My answer is always the same.

‘I just can’t see it happening’.

It is a real shame when I think about the fights we miss and the fights which happen after the fighters have passed there primes.  But I put the question to you.

Who is to blame?

I think nearly every fighter wants to be the best some accept the level they are and avoid people who will best them openly and honestly and I admire their bravery in that. Darren Barker once said the only way he would get in a ring with Golovkin is with a baseball bat.
I can’t argue with that either.

So do Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather want to fight each other?
I believe so. Just for financial reasons alone they would be mad not to.

There are a hundred reasons that this fight hasn’t materialised while both fighters were in their primes and now if it does happen there will still be the question of what if it happened in 2009 or 2010 etc….

Have your say…

So who are the leading contenders to shoulder the blame?

TV broadcasters.
In the USA the leading sports networks try to sign the top fighters into multi fight contracts for example Floyd Mayweather had a multi million dollar 6 fight deal which still has 2 fights left on it. So when a fight isn’t mandatory and therefore doesn’t go to a purse bid like Pacquiou vs Mayweather wouldn’t one broadcaster or another would have to give up their rights to show the fight and its lucrative undercard.
In the UK our 2 main broadcasters for boxing are tied in with promoters leaving it to them to decide whether to allow their fighters to fight on each others shows or not.

The Promoters
In America the biggest reason for top fights not taking place in the last few years is the feud between the top 2 promoters. Between light-welter and middleweight there is a long list of potential mouth watering matchups that we have missed out on.
In the UK due to Matchroom Sport having an exclusive contract with SkySports, other promoters either have to deal with Matchroom to fet their fighters on Sky or go their own way to get exposure for their fighters. This has lead Frank Warren Promotions to start their own television station in the form of BoxNation TV.
Terrestrial  TV station Channel 5 also now shows some boxing cards usually promoted by Hennessey Sports. I believe the situation is better in the UK with promoters allowing  fighters to fight on each others cards in able to compete for titles or to get regular fights.

Governing Bodies.
One reason the ‘super fights’ aren’t happening is the ranking systems used by the top 4 governing bodies. IBF, WBC, WBO & WBA. Often domestic fighters and B level fighters are put in the top 10 rankings by governing bodies giving them a good chance at getting a world title shot. This often leads to mismatched one sided matches which are not value for money for the paying fans.
Another question im often asked is ‘Why are there so many titles’.
I really can’t begin to answer.  With regular and super world champions as well as interim,  silver, international etc I can only think that the governing bodies are creating more titles in order to charge more fees to sanction bouts.

What I think would create the most revenue for everyone involved in the sport is 50/50 fights.
Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao would sell out any venue almost instantly and will double the ppv records in my opinion. The money would be rediculous. There would likely be enough for both fighters to have their biggest pay day by far as well as the relevant governing bodies, promoters and tv companies getting their huge cut.
This would also bring new fans to the sport increasing revenue for future events.

Froch vs Groves 2 is the perfect example. The fight the people wanted happened and it sold 60,000 tickets in less than an hour and then sold another 20,000 even faster and now Wembley Stadium want to hold 2 more boxing events in 2015.


Lee Russell