Sun, Sea, Spit and Sawdust.


When you think about sporting events, you get drawn to the dizzy hights of Superbowls, cup finals at Wembley, the upcoming Olympics in Rio.

Plymouth Guildhall I very much doubt is topping anyones must attend sporting venues. 

Yet last Saturday night in front of a sold out partisan crowd, some of Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall’s finest professional fighters swapped blood sweat and tears with their opponents in hand to hand combat for the viewing pleasure of their family, friends and fans.

14990598-largeWhilst the venue still lacks the organisational nous to host a quality event the city’s boxing fans deserve the show itself was of a high calibre, and with the growing popularity of the sport in the city the Pavillions does not seem to far off a prospect for future shows.

The real success for a small hall boxing show is the ticket sales. With all of the home fighters bar one winning on Saturday night, you have to think that the ticket sales will be boosted for the next event, and as the quality of opposition rises for these fighters so should the following. As they step away from fighting journeymen and start to fight other developing fighters the travelling fighters could also start to sell tickets and with Plymouth being a seaside town, a trip to sun and sea and boxing might be an attractive sounding prospect for potential travelling fans in the summer months.


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