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Thank-you for being a good sport and agreeing to appear on

This is a generic set of questions and some questions may not apply to everyone. Please feel free to leave out any questions you feel do not apply to you.

If you want to add anything please do. If there are any questions you think are missing just add them onto the end!!!


1.       Name

2.       Age

3.       Place of birth

4.       Current town/city

5.       Current status?(boxer/trainer/promoter)

6.       Family?

7.       Current profession? (outside of boxing)

8.       Age started boxing?

9.       How you got into boxing?

10.     Describe your boxing career so far?

11.   Current record am/pro?

12.   Where you train? (Gym, camps, cardio, S&C)

13.   Trainer/trainers/coaches?

14.   How much training do you do?

15.   Manager?

16.   Promoter?

17.   Sponsors?

18.   Current weight class?

19.   Other affiliations?

20.   Something you like to do outside of boxing?

21.   Short term goals?

22.   Recent news?

23.   Long term goals?

24.   Best achievement so far?

25.   Worst experience in boxing?

26.   If you could change thing about boxing what would you change?

27.   Best experiences gained through boxing, outside of the ring?

28.   What’s your diet like?

29.   Favourite fighter?

30.   If you could fight like anyone who would it be?

31.   Whats style of boxing do you have?

32.   Nickname/ boxing name

33.   Whats coming up for you?

34.   Social media Facebook/Twitter links?

35.   Funniest story about boxing?

36.   People you manage or train or promote etc….?

37.   Anything else about yourself you want me to include?

38.   Any mentions or thanks? I can add links to other websites if you want to thank trainers and gyms etc?

If you are representing a gym or business please feel free to ad as much info on the business as possible including opening times, prices, affiliations etc and I would be happy to do a page or post about the business to help out.

Many Thanks,

Lee Russell.

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