Pull the other one Barry – By Matt Hamilton

The news that Kid Galahad has failed a urine doping test & the yet more shocking news that he will appeal on the most improbably fantastical basis offers the British Boxing Board of Control & the UK Doping authorities the chance to act in the interests of the other 896 active professional fighters in the United Kingdom.

A message will be sent out either way – if the ban is rightfully upheld professional boxers will be told that cheating in a sport with serious bodily consequences has at least moderately severe consequences – if the ban is squashed under the insulting to one’s intelligence smokescreen of the dog ate my homework excuse variety then they’ll know that cheating; getting caught & lying about it are actions that are passively encouraged by the Board if you’re even a marginally big name in the sport within the UK framework. This makes the fall out from this fiasco more important than the modestly notable character at the centre of it. Boxing needs to decide what type of sport it wants to evolve or capitulate into & by implication what type of men (& women) it wants to invite, shape & have as its standard bearers – whores, opportunities, thieves, liars or honest warriors who seek to test themselves against others on a level playing field whilst simultaneously partaking in the time tested pursuit of the internal battle that boxing effectively offers.


Channel 5 should distance themselves from this affront to a still great sport & insist on a severe interpretation of fair play being brought into our children’s homes by a terrestrial television platform. Galahad rolled the dice & lost – UK boxing should be commended for isolating his fraud & encouraged to have the courage of its convictions & uphold at the very least the 2 year professional ban already imposed.

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By Matt Hamilton



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