New rules ‘cutting’ chances short!

Whilst I was very excited at the prospect of amateur boxers returning to the old ways of not wearing headgear, I must admit feeling rather naive now.

A whole generation of young fighters who have had experience of the protection of a head guard and who are not use to moving their heads to avoid cuts are now suffering the consequences.

Getting cut means downtime. That means less sparring and no competitive action until a boxer’s cuts have healed.

2014 Asian Games - Day 14

It wouldn’t be so bad if the fights were less regular and the tournaments were organised in a way that allows time for cuts and bruises to heal but they aren’t.  Instead boxers can be asked to fight the very next day to keep their place in a tournament.  So if cut or badly bruised, they may have to forfeit their position.

Nasty cuts often take weeks to heal. So unless the European, World and Olympic championships change format, a winning fighter will have to face the risk of not being able to progress due to cuts which may have been avoided with head protection.


I have spoken to several competitors and coaches about the situation.  Some prefer not wearing headgear due to the better vision and experience gained in defence but some and a lot of coaches agree that the risk of getting side-lined due to cuts is not worth the benefits gained by not wearing the protective headgear.

one good example is Daniel Lewis having to pull out of his quarter-final clash of the commonwealth games after getting cut from an elbow in his match against Kehinde Ademuyiwa .


He said:

The past 10 weeks I’ve been away from everyone putting in the hard work, all for an elbow to ruin my dream. For all these people debating about headgear for amateurs, bring the headgear back 100 per cent. When you have to fight five times in a week this shit ruins people’s dreams.

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  1. Rab Butler

    I never wore a headguard until my last contest when the Combined Services Boxing Association decided they would take the lead before the AIBA world fell in with it. I thought, what the hell? But, what can you do? However, as I have made my feelings on it be known on here, the governing body need to have a look at what is going on where the boxers are getting ripped up for arse timber! If they were pros boxing every other month then fine, but they’re not. Dr. Wu wants to advance boxing forward but it’s a very short sighted view.

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