Meet Matt Hamilton – London based Boxing advisor.

Matt Hamilton Boxing Advisor

matt hamilton

Matt Hamilton is a London based boxing advisor. Matt offers professional boxers, managers, promoters & television networks his advisory services in the field of revenue maximization.

Matt offers strategic match making services to managers, promoters & individual elite fighters – maximizing gains whilst limiting risk. Hamilton’s background in advanced financial mathematics makes him the ideal person for this role within any boxing organization. Matt has an education in advanced level economic studies that included working under a Nobel Prize winning economist.

Matt makes recommendations in regard to clients options. In addition to finding income sources, he handles public relations matters for clients. He is able to manage various aspects of client’s finances, from investments to taxes.

He has expertise in the fields of finance, business management, and financial and risk analysis, as well as the business of boxing.

Phone: +447468430149 (International) or 07468430149 (in UK)




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