Mayweather-Mcgregor negotiations. Who is fooling who?

Mayweather is the A side. There’s no doubt. But offering Conor Mcgregor $15million while he stands to bank at least $100million is laughable.

In his last fight against Andre Berto, Floyd made $32million in a fight that many weren’t interested in but considering his previous purses and the fact this was supposed to be his final fight and the equaling of Rocky Marciano’s perfect 49-0 record should have created a much bigger revenue if Floyd is is as big a draw as he tells us he is. But the truth is Floyd needs opponents. He needed Alvarez, Cotto, Hatton, Ortiz and he needed Pacquiao to help him create the buzz to make the numbers he did over the last decade in the sport.

Mcgregor is a huge draw. He may have only earned a maximum of $3million for a fight so far whilst competing in MMA but the draw he provides is what this fight is all about in the first place. The cross over appeal. People are interested again. They want to see the kings of each sport mix it up and are willing to pay to see it. Mayweather vs Mcgregor has more draw than a Pacquiao rematch or an Alvarez rematch and both would likely be offered a much bigger cut of the purse to make a fight.

So if Floyd wants to take the big money but somewhat ‘safe’ fight on his way to 50-0 he needs to lure Mcgregor into the ring and fast. 

The PPVs might not achive the kind of silly numbers Floyd did against Pacquiao but no other fight out there can provide Mayweather with the type of hype he needs to get himself back into the ring.

Something like a 75-25 split would at least make it difficult for Mcgregor to turn the fight down but the current offer on the table from team Mayweather is as good as turning the fight down themselves. 

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