‘Masterclass’ at the York Hall – Facebook Round-Up

Tyler Goodjohn (Facebook)

If there was ever a beer selfie needed it was me & my good friend Danny Cassius Connor it’s about 3 years over due this man has taught me so much & we’ve had 3 hard battles together got so much respect 4 this guy #BoxingFamily

Connor and Goodjohn

Ian Bailey (Facebook)

Thanks for the support, all of you who bought tickets tonight, you were excellent. I can’t believe the decision, and don’t know whether it was based on corruption or incompetence, but nevertheless, I will hope that justice can be done, and a rematch can be organised.

Danny Connor (Facebook)

Boxed a game opponent who came to have a go last night, all the hard work paid off and everything came together and I got the stoppage! Hopefully will be Boylan or Devine next for some sort of title! Thanks to all who supported me and all who grabbed a ticket! We’re back baby ‪#‎TheConnorClan‬ ‪#‎TeamCC‬

Jamie Speight (Facebook)

I’m sorry for being slack on the social networking guys it’s been a bit hectic. 1st of all massive thank you everyone for their support every single bit counts and I am so humbled by your well wishes. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come and support me this evening. Thank you to all my backers, Uggy at Abbot Hire Newton Abbot, Colin Whitbread at Hotline fencing Newton Abbot, Interline Building services Torquay and my main sponsors ELIMINATE RISK SECURITY who have backed me relentlessly for nearly a year and I couldn’t do what I do with out Ian Stone and ‪#‎TeamER‬. Thank you to Steve Goodwin, Josh Goodwin, Kevin Campion and the Goodwin team for giving me some belief and an opportunity to be the home fighter for the 1st time in 3years, great people! Thank you Kealeigh Grinsted for putting up with me for 10 long weeks and being a true boxers wife and finally Jack Green THANK YOU pal I could not do what we did tonight with out your time, passion and dedication…..your belief in my ability means the world and I appreciate it mate…..anyway this and dragged on……..ANDSTILL!!! ‪#‎TeamGenius‬

Ashley Theopane (Facebook)

Watching the boxing. Here supporting Jamie Speight and Philip Bowes

— with Ashley Treasure Theophane at York Hall Boxing Arena.

Adam Dingsy Dingsdale (Facebook)
Won every round great win against micheal devine on to bigger and better things now ‪#‎andstill‬
Daniel Goode (Facebook)
I like say thank u all for coming up. It was hard fight for me. I’m so gutted I could not get u lot the win. I’ll go away have a think about my future.
John Wayne Hibbert (Facebook)
Well done Johnny Coyle done brilliant 2night and well done 2 Danny Cassius Connor and adam salman. TEAM WILKY
Patricia Wilkey (Facebook)

3 out of 3 tonight!
Fantastic result for Alec Wilkey, I’m bursting with pride. And Adam Salman, Danny Cassius Connor and Johnny Coyle you all made it look so easy tonight xxx p.s chocolate brownies all round.

— with Alec Wilkey and Becky Wilkey at York Hall.

johny coyle
Tony Owen (Facebook)
Good show last night at York hall! Good seeing Danny Cassius Connor force a decent stoppage & get the title! Got me nice and motivated for an eaaaarly morning run. My turn next 18th july
Liam Conroy (Facebook)
There it is people, Light heavyweight British masters champion
Johnny Garton (Facebook)
Thank you to everyone who come and supported me last night and for all your messages of support. If it wasn’t for you all buy tickets I wouldn’t be able to box in the first place, so I really can’t thank you all enough for helping me to do what I love. Hope you enjoyed last nights fight. I’m gutted with the decision, I believe I did enough to win. Martin is a great guy and a good friend and I wish and he’s team all the best, maybe will do it again one day

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