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me and owenHi.

The best way I can describe myself is to simply say that, I am a boxing fan.

Obviously those who know me will tell you it goes a little further than that.



Where my passion for boxing came from…..

Unlike some other boxing fans I also like to learn about the sport from the inside and write about it. My love for the sport wouldn’t allow me to just watch Eddie Hearn’s shows on a Saturday from my armchair as I used to.

As my passion grew so did my desire to learn. I visited a few gyms and had a few boxing lessons. I also started sparring when I could get some. I don’t really have the dedication to train enough to compete but I wanted to learn more about the sport and saw no better way then to try and infiltrate it.

leeI guess like many before me I first got interested in boxing because of the Rocky movies. I  had several sets of boxing gloves throughout my childhood and often sparred with my brothers and friends right through until my teenage years. My father was an amateur boxer and watched some of the bigger fights that were on in my childhood and therefore the first fights I saw were those including Brits such as Prince Nazeem, Frank Bruno and Lennox Lewis. Since then I have become a huge fan of the sport world wide.

I was taken in, just like so many by Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe and Amir Khan and now compare the current crop of fighters to them and still strongly support Amir when he competes.

Now barely a day goes by that I don’t watch boxing of some sort, talk to fighters, trainers, and other fans about the sport and share my thoughts on all subjects related.

How I came to run a boxing website…..

wpid-20140902_193916.jpgI had a text message from the boxing coach (Nathan Hill aka Coach Troopa) who I first turned to when I wanted to learn how to box back in 2014. We spent a few hours drinking coca-cola and chatting about the sport and my passion for it.

It was Troops who suggested I should apply for my seconds license (I’m now waiting for a course) and start a boxing blog.

I started my blog that night. I wrote about current boxing affairs and also started to talk to boxers about sharing their stories with my readers.

Upon asking advice from my web-builder friend Jack Downing-Weight he suggested moving GW Boxing blog to www.gwboxing.com and starting a full web-site.

I started off with about 3 or 4 regular readers but withing 6 months I was averaging over 1000 views per month.

What I’ve got planned for the future…….

I’m now in the development stage of running a website.

I’m trying out different ideas out to see what people react too and also experimenting with getting in guest writers and sharing other people’s articles.

My aim is simply to improve my monthly views to around 10,000 a month.

I am looking into sponsorship at the moment and would really like to sell some advertisement space on the site in order to fund my next project which will be GWB-TV.

GWB-TV will be the video blog for the website. It will run alongside the general blog but will give me chance to modernise the website and share video footage. I want to create video profiles for everyone I work with in the sport and also run regular interviews and mini documentaries.

GW Boxing Rankings. I am starting to put together my own independent ranking system based on readers opinions as well as my own. I think the current rankings provided by TV stations and governing bodies are somewhat deliberately hand-picked in order to sell certain fighters and make the title fights that are happening more credible.

I have applied for my ‘Professional Boxing Seconds License’ with the British Boxing Board of Control in order to start working in the boxing industry at shows as a cornerman/second. The main reason I want to do this is that it is currently a requirement to have held a licence of some sort for 3 years or more before you can apply to become a BBBoC ‘Professional Boxing Manager’. Becoming a manager is something I would really like to do in the future.


I have seen so many guys in the industry trodden on and taken for a ride by poor managers who are only in the game for themselves. I believe I would make a good manager as I strongly care about the fighters and believe a manager should act in the best interest of his fighters at all times.


A little about myself……

Outside of being a boxing fanatic I work bloody hard as a full time Engineering Supervisor for CBRE.

Born and raised in Plymouth, I joined the Navy at 18 years old and left in 2010. I built yachts for 3 years before moving to London to seek a more challenging and rewarding role as a maintenance engineer.

I have one son and I live in Surbiton (London) with my fiencee Emily.

I also love most other sports and when I’m not bending someone’s ear about boxing you can often find me sat on a rock somewhere trying to catch fish (not too successfully).





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