Keyboard Warriors

There was a time when your sporting heroes were untouchable. Before the papers knew every penny they spent  and long before the internet put smartphone apps in the palm of your hand.
I remember dreaming of talking to the guys I watched and worshipped as a teen. Now with a few clicks and a push of a button I can send them a message and often get a reply. None more so then in boxing is this the case.
Boxing fans and competitors have really taken to twitter and facebook building online relationships that for fans makes everything more personal. Q&A sessions, retweets and replying to messages make the fans more likely to support the fighter in their next fight. Reading  about the training sacrifices made make them want the fighter to get their reward.
Those who use social media the best will have a better standings in purse negotiations etc as can boast a bigger following and potential sales.
Fights are often started on twitter and youtube and the hype grows as people talk about them. Without social media I very much doubt that there would be a demand to see Billy Joe Saunders vs Chris Eubanks Jr.
Unfortunately there are those who use the internet to express their anger towards others but in the majority of cases it is just ignorant rantings of jealous fans.
Lee Russell

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