Kazakh-star! Galov-King!

If you can watch GGG Genady Golovkin without being impressed then perhaps boxing isn’t for you.
This experienced amateur turned pro has won his last 17 pro fights by stoppage and doesn’t look to be stopping.

This weekend he battled another arguably mismatched opponent in Marco Antonio Rubio. Mismatched isn’t an insult considering Matthew Macklin also falls into this category and he has campaigned at the top end of the middleweight rankings for a few years now.

Golovkin’s power is proving too much for any of the opponents they can convince to get in with him. Unfortunately this makes him a huge risk for any of the star names as he doesn’t attract pay per view backing from broadcasters yet meaning its high risk little reward for the likes of Cotto, Chavez Jr,  Carl Froch and Canelo (Saul Alvarez).

Many think that it will take a chin like Carl Froch has proven he has to hold up to the relentless firepower that GGG possesses but unfortunately Froch seems to be on the brink of retirement and is holding on for a vegas ppv showdown with Chavez Jr himself.
Golovkin breaks his opponents down quickly using great footwork and precision of punches to counter most attacks thrown at him. He does however take a lot of clean shots but we don’t know how this effects him throughout a fight as everyone who has landed a few has been taken out by knock out or stoppage.

Golovkin has now been matched with Martin Murray on February 21st in Monte Carlo in Monico. The fight will be show live on UK terrestrial television channel 5!

Lee Russell

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  1. boxer800

    awesome strength and power leaves himself open a little too much in my opinion but certainly one to watch i think canelo or cotto would be a step to far for him at this stage but maybe something in the near future if he keeps going as he is and it looks like nobodies getting in his way at the minute!

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