Jack ‘The Ripper’ Bellingham – Pro Debut

Jack ‘The Ripper’ Bellingham has been one of the most popular amateur boxers in Plymouth for a few years now.

The Ripper is a name my boxing coaches came up with after a good win in London. Someone in the crowd said that I ‘slaughtered a victim’, so as a joke they called me that and it’s stuck with me and my friends ever since

Having spoken to several coaches and fighters about him, they said that it wasn’t strange for shows to be canceled if Jack wasn’t available to box.

On November 20th, just 4 days from now, Jack will be saying goodbye to those days as an amateur and hoping he can make as big an impact on the professional scene.


Jack will be making his professional debut on a huge show at the ‘o2 Academy’ in Bournemouth under the watchful eyes of his coaches, Glynn Mitchell and Nathan Hill (Coach Troopa).

The Birmingham born brawler first discovered boxing at 8 years old.

I done a bit (Boxing), in Birmingham with my Grandad. Then when I moved to Plymouth, I went (to the gym) with my mates after we had sparring sessions in streets. We decided to go to Devonport ABC as it was free. After the coaches took a shine to me, my friends then quit and I stayed at it.

Jack had a troubled start to life, but by talking to his family I discovered that he has overcome every challenge thrown at him. Jack lost his father to alcohol and now doesn’t really drink himself. He has been in trouble with the police and was thrown out of school prematurely. Through all of his troubles he kept the boxing going with 28 wins from 38 fights and has used it as a tool to channel through to a brighter future.

As a kid, I never really took boxing very seriously. Even as a teenager my life was spiraling out of control! I was kicked out of school in year 11. I was in and out of the gym. My life was a mess but my coach Glynn Mitchell would always try to keep me in (the gym) as he saw natural talent in me. He never gave up on me. Even after being on a curfew/tag for 12 months and in out of trouble. When I reached the age of 19, I found out we (Jack and his wife) were having a son. That changed my life completely. I started to put 100% into boxing and everything else I did to succeed. I wanted to do the best I could for myself and my family. Once I changed this, I went on to became National champion, Southern Area and Western Counties champion and also reached a top 6 ranking in the country. After these achievements I knew I was ready (to turn professional) after a long chat with my coaches and family.


Having steered himself through troubled times Jack now helps another family member with their own trouble with alcohol which Jack described to me as ‘Evil and nothing good comes from it’.

Outside of boxing, Jack works as a gas engineer and has a close relationship with his family. He is married to Chloe who he has been with for 7 years and has a son called Harvey and another child on the way.

He is still very close to his mum (Julie) and his four siblings (Emily, Jade, Mike and Rick).

10242287-largeWorking hard in everything has paid off and Jack now owns and runs his own business, GASJACK Plumbing&Heating LTD. The business has been a great success and has helped Jack to be able to buy his 1st house for his family and is also hoping to buy a house for his mum.

It seemed Jacks greatest success in the sport so far of winning a national title in 2013 would shortly be followed by heartache as an injury and knee operation would keep him sidelined in 2014.

I asked Jack what were his motivations and targets are going forwards……

“To have a great and positive family! I want to work towards being a great champion for this city as they have always supported me. I’d love to follow in the footsteps of the great Scott Dann who has also taught me a lot.”

12109279_710865152377950_4568694666493201572_nJack trains in Plymouth at The Doghouse Boxing Gym with his coaches and also does strength and conditioning with Adam Domyslawski at The New Continental Hotel. He gets up and does his runs in the early hours of the morning before work and usually trains 6 days a week with just one day of rest for recovery.

He has a nutritionist who has helped contribute to the great shape Jack has got himself into for the day he has been waiting for.

“ This is the best I have ever felt physically and mentally”

Jack hopes to emulate his hero ‘The Great Ali’, who he has a tattoo of. He told me he would fight anyone his team chose for him and has the confidence that he can adapt his style to suit his opponents.

“I can box well but I can also fight well!”

With his first paid fight looming I discussed some of the more negative sides of the fight game with him. I asked him if he could change anything in boxing, would he? He stated:

I would change the politics of boxing. Everyone should get a fair decision on who wins the fight regardless where they come from. Also boxers have work harder than in then any other sport I know of, so the funding should be there for people who want to train full time.


Jack will be debuting at Welterweight, which in the UK is a great division right now with Amir Khan representing us regularly against the top fighters in the world over in the USA and Kell Brook currently holding a version of the World Title.



If you would like to get behind Jack please follow him via his social media links below or buy a ticket for the upcoming show.

My Professional Debut is in the ‘O2 Arena Bournemouth’. The show starts at 7pm on November 20th. Tickets are £35 with you can buy at the gym in The New Continental Hotel (Plymouth) or speak to my manager who runs my FB page. Everyone is welcome but it would be great to see my friends and relatives in number to give me that extra edge.

Social Media:

Jackbell90 (Instagram)

Jackbell90 (Twitter)

Jack ‘The Ripper’ Bellingham (Facebook)

Acknowledgements and thanks:

Thanks to the Doghouse Boxing Gym owners for letting me use their facilities.


Glynn Mitchell, Coach Troopa and Adam Domyslawski all get up early to train me at 6am so thanks to them. My team believe in me and push me to the limit!
I’m just thankful to have such great people around me, I know I have someone looking down on me.
Also for anyone out there who may not have positive people around them or isn’t having the best upbringing, you can do anything if you dedicate 100% and have a hard work ethic! Change the cycle and then anything is possible! I’m living proof.
I chose to be managed by Glynn Mitchell. I could of went with others but I chose Glynn as I know and trust him. He has been kind of like a father figure to me.

I’m sponsored by Interseal south west limited. I only wanted 1 sponser and I’m very greatful for their support!

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