Hull of a show!

With all the talk of big fights on the horizon I must admit some of the fights that will grab less media attention are the ones I have been looking forward to most this season. On Saturday night golden boy Luke Campbel ruturns to his home town once again.

We knew something a little bit special was happening in Hull when ‘Cool Hand’ Luke Campbel celebrated his switch to the pro ranks with a stoppage win in front of a sold out home crowd.
What we maybe didn’t realise at the time was another star was being born in a rival lightweight contender Tommy ‘Boom Boom’ Coyle.

It now appears these highly supported and highly respected Hull are on a collision course to face each other in another stadium fight in Hull next summer.

Before we can get our teeth stuck into this stiffer tests for both men stand in their way.

Luke Campbell has the former Coyle opponent Daniel Brizuela who managed to knock Coyle down 4 times before finally being stopped himself by the referee. This was an edge of your seat encounter with 8 knock downs all-together and 2 point deductions. I can’t remember a more eventful fight this year.
This is a huge step up for Luke Campbel, but if he is going to share a ring with former British title challenger Coyle, what better test can there be for the Olympic gold medallist.

Tommy Coyle has a former Kevin Mitchel opponent and former world champion in Michael Katsidis. Katsidis will be seen by many to be ‘over the hill’ so to speak but is a very dangerous and lively oponent and has operated at a higher level then Coyle has for a long time.

If we are to get the Hull based domestic clash next summer then realistically both fighters need home wins come Saturday night and it really wouldn’t hurt to win in style.


Lee Russell

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