Hitting like a girl!

One of the biggest fight stories in recent years was the upset when former World champion boxer Holly Holm defeated the golden girl of MMA Rounda Rousey.
Rousey who is a cover model and film star as well as the highest paid female in combat sports is set to comeback in the UFC soon and will likely sell as many PPVs as anyone else in the UFC recently including the notorious Connor Mcgregor.

But this is a boxing blog. 

Rousey’s popularity has demonstrated how a well marketed Female fighter can brimg females to the forefront. So boxing was definitely going to follow sukt very quickly. 

In the UK Eddie Hearn of Matchroom sport has signed 5 time amateur world champion and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor.

Katie is unbelievably popular in Ireland and will likely pick up fans by the thousand in the UK as well staring on shows on Sky Sports. 

 Katie fights this weekend against Karina Kopinska in her debut and is hoping to do for women’s boxing what Rousey did for the UFC.

In the USA the ever popular 2 time Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields has also turned professional and will be looking to do the same across the pond after her successful debut on the undercard of Andre Wars vs Sergey Kovolev last weekend.

The sport just needs a little boost to encourage the stars of the female game to ‘turn over’ and I think there will be a huge surge in females taking up the sport at all levels. 
The future is bright for ‘hitting like a girl’.

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