Heavyweight hope nots….


After reading an article in Boxing news I cant help but agree that Michael Sprott isn’t a step up for Anthony Joshua.  He has been knocked out in the first round twice in recent fights. 
Can only see one outcome once Anthony Joshua lands his first big shot.

I think Eddie Hearn is doing a great job considering Joshua has fought Bakhtov Airich and Skelton inside of 10 fights but I think that knocking Sprott out inside of 5 minutes will only put fans off paying for Joshua’s next fight.

I’d like to see him in with some Klitschko’s oponents who lasted 6 or 7 rounds.
Even Dylan White would be a more formidable oponent be it a risk or not. If Joshua wants to go all the way he needs to have a few tough fights. Even close points losses or draws would do him some good. The best ever fighters lost some fights but they are remembered as great champions because of how they took a loss and came back to win.

I hope to see AJ in with some class soon but I do agree with staying away from the likes of Fury, Price,  Haye and Chisora until he has 15 to 20 fights under him wins or losses. He hasn’t had to learn when to spoil or hold on yet and may struggle with the ring craft of experienced fighters like Haye and Fury.

Its a hard line to walk for his team when matchmaking for him but I hope Sprott pulls out and they can get someone in who AJ can learn from. Maybe sparring with Sprott would be a better idea.
November 22nd is an important date for Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua. Hopefully not a forgetable one for the paying fans.
Lee Russell

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