When Saturday Comes….. A better night out!

On the average Saturday night when X-factor is showing, anything between 8.5  and 20 million people will stay at home and tune in. Probably order a take-away, sit in their designated armchair or section of the family couch and generally wish they had made the effort to go out.bored-750x400

At the same time as prime time Saturday night television starts, in local halls, schools, Ice-rinks, guildhalls, arenas and stadiums around the country something magical is happening. At around 7-7.30pm the crowd is starting to build and the atmosphere is growing. The undercard is well on it’s way. The cold beer is flowing, the cheers and boos alike fill the air.

The boxing is in full swing!



It’s a night out unlike any other. You can be a first timer or a ‘hardcore’ regular and still get the same buzz. Cheer for the under dogs and get behind your champions.

A ticket for the boxing is usually around £30-45 for a basic ticket. Most cards have between 8 and 14 fights with at least 2 or 3 titles on the line. So that could mean as many as 14 sporting events for less than the price of a Premier League football ticket at most grounds.

The bars are open all night, and there is usually plenty of time between bouts to refill you beverage.


There is no offside rule and the competitors are usually in great physical shape and topless so it should be easy enough to convince the Mrs to tag along. (This is a joke before someone reports me to womens rights).

At the small hall shows across the country the competitors usually get paid based on how well they do in ticket sales. These guys often train as many hours on the road and in the gym a week as most people work in a full time job. The sweat and bleed to have the opportunity to climb between the ropes and entertain. So please buy a ticket!


This is a choice they have made. They don’t ask for you to feel sorry for them, they love it. They live off that buzz. but it’s a spectacular thing to see when 2 guys who have trained hard for up to 12 weeks go toe to toe and then embrace each other afterwards with a respect the majority of us could never understand. They just ask that you come along and support them. Share in the journey!

So put down the remote this Saturday. Grab that shirt or dress you have been waiting for an excuse to wear and get yourself down to the boxing.

Call up your mates and finally admit that the same pub every week is getting boring and there is something more exciting right on your door step. Get yourself down to the boxing.11149511_10152684974141688_6193010914981780572_n

Follow your local fighters on facebook, twitter etc, buy your tickets directly from them. Most will deliver it by hand to your front door for free with a appreciative handshake.

I ask that if you havent been, you try it at least once. If you have then you know what I am talking about. Call you mates and book another show!

Please share this article on using the buttons on the top left of your screen on PC or via Facebook, Twitter etc on your phones and tablets. Lets get these halls packed out. Lets remind people why boxing used to be the worlds most popular sport, why people used to queue for hours hoping to get in. Why the champions used to be the most famous people in the world.

But if nothing else then I ask just this……..

Get yourself down to the boxing.


By Lee Russell

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