Froch vs Ward 2 on the horizon………

There are so many talented super-middleweights in the UK it would be easy to forget about Carl Froch except for everyone consistently calling out his name.


The pound for pound number 2 on many pundits lists, Andre Ward is no exception since announcing his comeback this year.

Andre Ward is the only man with an unavenged win over Carl Froch. In the super six final he outwitted, outboxed and outclassed the Cobra.


There have been several mentions of a rematch in the past but with ridiculous claims of entitlement from one or another to be the home fighter, or have the purse advantage.

With both men recently mentioning each other as potential opponents for their next bouts it is starting to catch fire.

Super Six World Boxing Classic - The Final - Andre Ward vs Carl Froch

Ward has laid claim that Froch won’t be dictating anything if the build up to a potential fight, and has attacked in via twitter with taunts such as….

Looks like Frochy Froch remembered my name all of a sudden. That’s good to know. Looks like the old man is still kicking. Froch could have gotten this fight years ago, but it took the WBA mandating the fight for him to step up. SMH [Shaking my head]. This guy.

He later added….

If this fight does happen, Froch is not dictating anything. He must have fell and bumped his head.

Carl didn’t deny the fight could happen as he previously has about other potential opponents such as James Degale. He was interviewed recently by IFLTV’s Kugan Cassius and was asked the question….

So there’s the smoke! could there be fire?

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