Fours Kings vs The ‘not so’ Super-Bantamweight Division.

The best want to fight the best don’t they?

The ‘golden era of boxing’ when the likes of Haggler, Hearns, Leonard and Duran won and lost titles in fights between themselves with the fans watching on in awe has clearly long been forgotten by the powers that be in boxing today.


We have four unbeaten champions in the super-bantamweight division.
Rigondeaux, Quigg, Santa-Cruz and Frampton.

frampton quigg rigondo santa cruz
All of these guys are repeatedly asked the same questions such as;

Do you want to fight……..(the other 3)’ or ‘Who do you want to fight next?

They always seem to name each other and explain why they are number 1 and why they would beat the others should a fight come off. In after fight interviews they even call each other out but I just don’t think there is currently any real intention from any of the camps for these guys to fight one another.

In the majority of cases a mandatory defence of a title can be postponed for a unification fight, so this is not an excuse for why these fights haven’t occured yet.

The voluntarys that have taken place are somewhat embarassing considering the level of opposition that is available!

The fans want the fights, the media want the fights, and the fighters say they want the fights. maybe im missing a trick here but, come on

Lets get it on!

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