Darryll Williams

Name: Darryll Williams

Age: 25

Place of birth: Britain

Current town/city: London

Current status: Boxer

Family: Girlfriend and Son

Current profession (outside of boxing): Roofer/Labourer

Age started boxing: 18

Current weight class: Super middle weight

Current record: 9-0 as pro

Manager: Micky Helliot

How you got into boxing:

I started training in a weights gym and over heard boxing classes going on upstairs, I joined in one day and I haven’t taken the gloves off since.

Darryl Williams

GYM: IBox Boxing Gym London

 Trainer/trainers/coaches: Alan Smith and Eddie Lam

How much training do you do: I train 6 days a week

Something you like to do outside of boxing: Sports Cars

Short term goals: To better my skills daily


Long term goals: To become a world champion

Best achievement so far: Being undefeated

Worst experience in boxing: My hand injury that kept me out of the ring for a year.

If you could change thing about boxing what would you change: The need to sell tickets.

Best experiences gained through boxing, outside of the ring: The respect and friendships I have gained


I usually have porridge and toast in the morning with my first pack of vitamins, lunch time is usually tuna and brown pasta, dinner always changes I drink probably a litre and a half of water a day.


Favourite fighter: Iron Mike Tyson

If you could fight like anyone who would it be: Mike Tyson

Whats style of boxing do you have: Swarmer

Nickname/ boxing name: Ferocious

Social media: Facebook: Darryll Williams, Twitter: @darryllwilliams


I would like to thank my amateur club Double Jab and all my friends and family that support me and buy tickets to come and witness my success.

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