Cristian Gomez

Cristian Hoskin Gomez

Christian Hoskin Gomez is a 19 year old Light-Heavyweight boxer from La Línea de la Concepción, Spain.

Gomez lives and studies in Plymouth and has been training at Carl’s Boxing Stable since the age of 16.

Amateur career:

As an amateur he took his first fight at 17 and had 10 bouts with an 8-2 record with 4 stoppages.

Professional career:

At 18 years old Gomez took a chance and switched to the professional game and unfortunately lost his first 2 fights. (Gomez’s Boxrec)

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Having accepted the losses were his own fault he took a step back from boxing for a short while to get himself in a better position to target that first win.

I had a long break off and now I’m back, feeling motivated, enjoying the training and cannot wait till my next fight.

He took the opportunity with both hands and knocked his opponent out in the first round.
His record now stands at 1-2.

Cristian is trained by Professional trainer Carl Robson and has a great attitude to how he sees his role in the sport. I asked him about his targets and any upcoming fights to which he replied:

Well I’m not sure really. I’m just going with it. I enjoy fighting so I will take any fights I can get. For me it doesn’t matter so much if I win or lose as long as I put in a good performance and the crowd enjoy watching it.

At Carl’s boxing stable Gomez has the backing of a good crowd who train with him and he has a good matchmaker in his manager and promoter Errol Johnson.

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Outside of boxing Gomez is studying NVQ Level 3 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair at Kings Road College (PCFE) where he is in his final year.

Acknowledgements and thanks:

When we approaches Gomez to write a profile piece on him he asked to add in thanks to a few important people to his boxing career.

I would like to thank Errol Johnson for matchmaking my fights to date and always being on the lookout for my next one.

To Carl Robson for all the time spent on training me from when I first stepped into his gym and taking me all the way through as an amateur and now as professional. Without him nothing would be possible.

I’d like to thank everyone in Carl’s Boxing Stable for helping out with sparring, exercises and training.

And finally to everyone who’s supported me all the way in my career and who are still supporting me now!


Social Media:

Gomez is on Facebook and can be found here.


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