Courtney Richards- The next step.

Since beating Igoris Borucha by 6 out of 6 rounds back in October, Courtney ‘Fatboy’ Richards has been somewhat inactive in the ring.

Upon hearing that he is on the verge of a comeback I took the time to catch up with him a little and see how he was getting on and what he has been up to.

New year, new start??

Almost a cliché this year, as it is exactly what it says, new year… new start! Going into the new year with a lot of exciting changes! just itching to get back out there, but taking the time to do so, no rush.

Whats been going on with you since your last fight?

A few things have been going on. I put on a lot of weight, because I’m a massive fat kid at heart! But that’s coming off now finally, and I’ve basically been enjoying a rest since my last fight. been enjoying it if I’m honest!

New weight division?
Yes indeed. I will get to light-heavy with ease (I hope). But I will sit down with my coach & my new conditioning coach and see what they feel is the best division for me to be in, but be healthy in. so light-heavy or super-middle it will be.
What do you thing is your optimum fighting weight?

I reckon light-heavy will suit me perfect, I’m a decent size and will be very strong at that weight. But… we shall see!
Who do you fancy fighting at that weight?
ANYONE & EVERYONE. I want & will get a title this year. I want the midlands light-heavyweight title, and as far as I can see, no-one at that ‘level’ will be able to deal with me. Probably Ricky Summers and I will clash for it. Which is ideal, as he isn’t on my level, and will make an easy night of it? He is a good kid, but I’m just better. No hard feelings.

What are the reasons for your changes?
I just want to get this clear, boxing is a career. In your career you will make decisions that decide your future, and you have to make what you think is the right decision. I believe I have made the correct decision in leaving Carl Robson. I’ve heard a lot of rumours about why I’ve left, and forgive me for saying this, but its utter bulls**t. I’ve heard that I left because of the people in gym. Is that even a reason to leave a gym? I have nothing against anyone from the gym, I have left because I feel in order for my career to progress, I have to have a new approach. Carl Robson put a lot of time & effort into me, and for that I will always be thankful, but I needed a new take on boxing. And I found that in someone else.

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Do you have any regrets?
Only regret is that people choose to believe whispers instead of asking me. People know I’m an open book, and they still choose to believe other peoples gossip. Even though in the back of their head, they know the rumours they hear, are nothing like what I’d say or do anyway. So my only regret is that it ended the way it did. As for moving gyms & trainers, there are no regrets.

What are your plans for 2015? Goals for the year??

Punch people in the face (in the boxing ring) and win titles. I will have a title by the end of the year without a doubt, and then it will be the beginning of something great.

How are you going about achieving your goals?
I’ve been lucky enough to have a new conditioning coach & nutritionist. My previous coach, and friend, Ben Hardie, was great. But I had to change up things for this one, and I managed to bump into Ali Abolesad, and his insight & knowledge are second to none. His past and experience in a fighting/martial art background benefits us greatly as he knows exactly what it takes to be a top fighter.

How did you get involved with Ali and Nathan?
I got involved with Nathan (Coach Troopa) well before Christmas as I was not allowed back in my own gym. So I had to train, and I knew Nathan well, so it was only natural I went to him. The rest is history.

Your recent visit to London, what was it for, what did you get up to?
We went up to visit a few gyms, and make some connections. We visited the Peacock gym whilst we were up there. Nathan met some top people whilst we were there! Nathan just wanted to get away from his Mrs, so I felt the same… so we just bolted up to London ASAP! No, no I’m joking. Just went up to have a look and get things sorted.
Anything else you want to say?
I would like to say, people should believe none of these rumours. And if they have any questions about my decisions, then should ask me. My career, my decision. No one else’s. And also, would like to say, I look forward to rallying the fat boy army for my return on the next Plymouth show. (Whenever that be)




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