Courtney (FAT BOY) Richards

Courtney Richards loves to fight.


He came to our attention when he agreed to fight Stephen Simmons on the under-card of Josh Warrington’s European title fight in Leeds. In his own words he has often stated that he will fight anyone and this has been proven when he has gone on the road to fight guys with winning records like Simmons, China Clarke (13-1-1), Paul Drago (5-0), and Lawrence Bennett (4-0).

With a walk forward aggressive style he is entertaining to watch as you can see from his video clips towards the bottom of the page.

He started boxing on a whim at the age of 19 whilst trying to cut weight to play rugby. His brother was losing weight fast and looking good so he asked him how he was doing it and then joined in.


As a sports and fitness fanatic who already played rugby at a highly competitive level and also likes to run, swim and cycle, the ‘Fat Boy’ took to boxing like a duck to water. Finding out how much he liked the adrenaline rush of dangerous sports got him hooked, when asked about what he loves about boxing so much he replied;

I get to punch people without getting into trouble!


He says his worst experience to date is getting his jaw broken on a night out and being told he would never box again. Fortunately he was able to.

Courtney started as an amateur out of Carl’s Boxing stable under the tuition of Carl Robson. He had 12 amateur fights and finished with a winning record.


Richards regards his best career achievement to date  as turning professional and aims to make it big as a pro by going as far as he can winning as many titles possible along the way.


With a current record of 4-4-2 with 1 KO, Courtney has decided to make some changes to the way his boxing career is going.

He is currently training hard to lose bodyfat to compete at Light-Heavyweight or Super-Middleweight where he will more likely be stronger at the weight and with less body fat, more athletic overall.


He has also parted ways with trainer Carl Robson in favor of Erol Johnson and his team in Birmingham.

Courtney is also currently managed and promoted by Erol, and co-promoted by UKO Promotions (Daniel Mole).


Due to how much he enjoys the sport and the attention that comes with it Courtney is a full-time Pro who trains as much as he possibly can. He admits that his diet hasn’t always been the greatest hence the nickname ‘Fat-Boy’ but is now concentrating on getting everything to where it should be in order to improve on his 4 wins.


When you will fight anyone, you are bound to come up against it sometimes as Courtney’s record shows, but his grit and determination are second to none.

When I was still boxing as an amateur, I had a really bad tooth-ache before I was due to travel away for a fight. I took a whole pack of paramol on the way up there and was very drowsy in the changing room before the fight. I went out in the ring and knocked the kid out in the 2nd round!

Courtney is now facing leaving his friends and family behind in Plymouth whilst he moves to Birmingham to train with Erol Johnson at Wensbury boxing club. It’s a brave move and we look forward to seeing how things change for him.


Outside of the ring Courtney loves his rugby and other sports and spending time with his mates and family but boxing has brought him good things both between and outside of the ropes.

The best thing boxing has gave me is meeting plenty of famous faces & many great boxers! Also being noticed by the public when walking around my city, I love stopping to speak to people about boxing!


Courtney would like to give thanks to everyone who has helped him so far in his career and supported him as well as his sponsors listed below.

Kumho Tyres Ivybridge
Colebrook Customz
Steve Hunt Plant Hire
Plymstock Plumbing & Heating
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Bodial Nutrition
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Phoenix 316

Social media

Twitter: @realrichards

Instagram: Realrichards


Richards vs Henry Smith, Richards vs Igoris Borucha,

Richards vs Joshua Burke, Richards vs Jon Ibbotson


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