Connor adaway

Name: ConnorAdaway

 Age: 16

Place of birth: Plymouth, England

Current town/city:Plymouth

Current status?(boxer/trainer/promoter) Amateur boxer

Family? 2 brothers who box, live with my mum and dad

Current profession (outside of boxing): Working as a window cleaner

Age started boxing? 7 or 8 

Started boxing because? Brother (Chris Adaway) took me.


Current record am/pro: Around 30 fights half and half

Where you train: Plympton ABC

Trainer/trainers/coaches: Paul Ruth and Phil Dann 

How much training do you do:

I train on Monday, Wednsday and Thursday at Plympton and I on the days I don’t go there I either go to the gym or Sparring with my brother.

Current weight class: 51kg

If you could fight like anyone who would it be: Muhammad Ali

Whats style of boxing do you have: Counter boxer


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