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Chris ‘Rab’ Butler

Published, February 10th 2015 by Lee Russell.


Aged 52, Rab has 32 years of valuable experience in the boxing industry.

He was born in Hull and currently lives in Plymouth with his fiancée.

Outside of boxing Rab has many other likes including:

Football, cinema, dining out with his fiancée, drinking beer occasionally, listening to reggae and Northern soul, walking the dogs.

Boxing Career

The proud Ipswich Town fan was once nominated as a Royal Navy Sportsperson of the Year in the Plymouth Herald Sportsperson of the Year awards.


He started boxing aged 20 and has stuck with it as he finds it exciting.

I had a fight in the street that I didn’t win nor lose, but it inspired me to get in a gym and learn to deal with s*#t like that. I started the fight because the person who I had the ruck with, had started on me previously about a year before and when I was getting the better of him, his mates jumped me and kicked the crap out of me.

Having gained experience as an amateur boxer for the Royal Navy boxing team Rab turned his hand to coaching and is now concentrating on getting his boxers matched regularly and aims to take a fighter to the pinnacle of their boxing career.

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Rab coaches at Saltash ABC and Taurus MMA. He is semi-retired, working part time as a support worker.

When asked about his worst experience in boxing Rab said that he didn’t have any to speak of but if he could change anything…..

If it isn’t broke, why fix it? Head guards stop cuts, so why remove them and then expect males to box in the Olympics/Worlds/Commonwealths days on the bounce when the boxers haven’t grasped the concept of moving their heads or keeping their hands up? The WSB, what on earth is that all about? Where’s the dividing line between Ams and Pros? You qualify for the Olympics by winning a WSB and then go back as an amateur? Talk about confusion?



He said that his best experiences have been meeting people and making loads of friends.

His favourite fighter is Marvin Haggler and if he could fight like anyone who would it be?

Manny Pacquiao, the man is a whirlwind.



Funniest story about boxing?

Howard Foster for his stoppage of Max Maxwell against Tom Doran and also Carl Froch against George Groves in their first scrap. Blokes a Muppet! If he wasn’t serious when he stopped those fights you’d think he was having a laugh.


Social media

Facebook: Chris ‘Rab’ Butler

Twitter:  ChrisRabButler


Sponsors: Peverell Chiropractic Clinic.

Anyone who I’ve met who I know and respect, they know who they are. I do this for the love of the sport, the great people I have met and the happy memories the sport has brought me. Boxing is a great sport if people remember the principle of sportsmanship and stop being self-centred.




  1. Jimmy Hamilton

    Chris ‘Rab’ Butler. Is true gentleman and an excellent coach. As well as a good friend. Always there for his fighters and clubs.

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