A year Later. Chris Adaway.

Everyone who knows me can see that I am massively biased towards boxers from the South West. I’ll be the first to admit it!

It’s not just because it’s where I’m from. It’s because as far as success is concerned, you really have to work harder for it down there. You have to be defiant and persevere where others probably wouldn’t.

With Plymouth being my home town I know first hand how opportunities just don’t come knocking like they do else where. I ended up leaving to move to London to further my own career.

adawayAs a boxer you are looking at being the away fighter pretty much every fight. You have to face biased refs, away crowds and God awful hometown decisions going against you.

Some people give up under such circumstances,  some settle for their lot and just accept the level they are at. But sometimes you find someone who just stands out from the norm.

Chris Adaway has faced the away fans, the bad decisions and being the underdog time and again. But rather than letting it get him down he has got the bit between his teeth and is determined to succeed.


adaway 3He gets up for his runs, works a full time job, trains hard and still fits in time for his wife and kids. He is a true role model.

With Chris training hard for his first fight of the new season, I was lucky enough to catch up with him. Here’s what was said;





It’s another title fight. Who are you fighting and what is this title?

This title fight is against Andy Harris. It’s for the new lightweight British challenge belt which has taken over now that the masters title has been scrapped.

Tell us a little about your opponent?

andy harrisAndy is a very tough bloke and doesn’t really get the credit he deserves. He is a bit like myself as he’s always willing to fight anyone and at short notice to. His record isn’t great but that’s what happens when you fight on the road as I have found out myself. He’s from Gloucester which is where the fight is taking place, so I know he’s going to be training very hard to impress his local fans but it doesn’t matter to me how hard he prepares as I’m going to be ready for war come the 12th of September.



What are you doing differently to your last title attempt?

My last title attempt was at featherweight, (9st) and I was honestly dead at the weight. This time I’m fighting at 9st 9lbs which suits me so much better. I’m training harder than I ever have and have been doing lots of strength work with my coach, Carl Robson. Also I’ve had some good sparring with my previous opponent Lee Glover who has also boxed Andy. It was helpful to get some tips off of him.

You recently got married, congratulations! Has the time out of the gym refreshed you for the coming season?

11742642_402731016582538_6563058656749796701_nI have recently got married and feel so much happier in life now. The break has done me the world of good but I’m dying to get back in the ring now and do what I love to do.


Plymouth is buzzing with boxing at the moment! What’s going on?

A few local lads have recently turned pro. Jack Bellingham, Ross Roberts and Darren Townley to name a few. All very exciting fighters. With myself and the likes of the hard hitting Cristian Gomez it hopefully won’t be much longer before we can get a big Plymouth show on as it’s hard selling tickets when people need to travel so far.

darren jack kyle






The Adaway Army will be out in numbers again, where can people contact you for remaining tickets?

ticketsPeople can contact me through Facebook or Twitter. If they’d like to talk on the phone that’s not a problem. Give me a message and I will give them my number. I have transport for 68 people but about 50 of those seats have now been taken. So be quick to avoid missing out!


A full year as a pro now. How has the first year gone.

I’ve absolutely loved my 1st year as a pro but it has really given me a wake up call to what life is like on the road. I’ve clearly won a few times and it’s gone the other way because the guy in the other corner has sold a lot of tickets for his promoter. This is a business and it all comes down to ticket sales which is why I need the support off the whole of Plymouth. I will get titles home with the support of everyone.


Whats the biggest difference between the amateurs and the pros in your opinion?

11188373_456414634524479_8834273453264004373_nIn my opinion the main difference is the pace. It’s a lot more controlled in the pros as your fighting over more rounds. Also you can get away with a lot lot more dirty tactics in the pros which unfortunately I learned the hard way in my 2nd fight. But it’s helped me know what I can get away with so its not all bad.




Whats the hardest thing you’ve found about being a professional boxer?

The hardest thing if I’m being honest is ticket sales. As I’ve said, that’s what it all comes down to. I could say the training, but even though that’s very hard I enjoy it. Chasing people around for ticket money just so you can fight isn’t so enjoyable.


Whats been going on for you outside the ring?

Outside of the ring my life has been a bit hectic. I’ve recently got married to my beautiful wife Paige and moved in to our new home with our two children Kyah and Reuben. They are a handful, but I wouldn’t change them for the world. With working full time as well, it’s hard work being a professional boxer. But I love it and wouldn’t change my life at all.

adaway wedding



I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming fight. Whats going to make the difference for whether you get the win or not?

Thanks a lot for the good luck. This fight I will definitely be winning! I will have my loyal supporters there cheering me on and I will do it for each and everyone of them! I can promise now the title is coming back to Plymouth!


Anything else you want to say?

 I would like to say a massive thanks to my sponsors, Well Done And Dusted Cleaning Services, Euroservice LeeMill and Kev Dony of Orchid Tattoo Studio for helping me out financially. Without them I couldn’t continue to be a professional boxer. Also, thankyou to all the people that show me support. Whether it’s a message on Facebook or coming to watch me fight, the support is amazing. Also my wife Paige! She supports me and picks me up when things get hard, without her I couldn’t cope with all this dieting and making weight! She keeps me on track.

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