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Can your business afford not to sponsor a boxer?

imagesI have done a lot of research on sponsorships and the benefits of helping an upcoming professional boxer this year.

What I’ve discovered is for any business big or small, it’s almost too good an opportunity to turn down.



Most boxers are looking for around £3000-4000 a year from between 1 to 5 sponsors to help pay for medicals, license fees, gym membership, nutrition and equipment.

Your business could play a huge part in helping someone to be able to work towards their dreams for as little as £750-£1000 a year.tax deductable

But whats more is that you can then offset that money against your taxes as it is legally tax deductible. Click Here to find out more.

Boxers will usually plaster your businesses logo or web address all over their training gear, fight shorts, T-shirts and regularly recommend your services to their hundreds/thousands of followers on social media.Media Signpost Showing Internet Television Newspapers Magazines


Sponsoring a boxer can also be a bit like buying a lottery ticket.

You could start off sponsoring a boxer who shares your logo with 1000 people at the York hall. But few months later he or she could get a title shot live on Sky Sports or Box-nation and your business would then be shared with thousands to millions of people via television.

So if the fighter you back does extremely well and you have a ‘sponsorship contract’ in place you could have bought some extremely high profile television advertising for a very low price.

My advice to anyone thinking of investing in a boxer is to think about your business’ target clientèle.
For example…..

ash laneIf you run a Cafe in Bristol then perhaps sponsoring Ash Lane would make perfect sense.  I’m sure his followers would be happy to come in for breakfast and talk about boxing etc and generally repay your loyalty to their man.
I think you get the idea.

Sponsorship is vital for this sport. At the lower rungs of the boxing ladder, some fighters are actually having to pay to fight. If they can’t sell enough tickets it becomes a real issue of whether or not to continue fighting. Having financial backing from sponsors helps to keep a fighter kitted out, licensed and in the gym training hard and working towards their dreams.jamie-mcdonnell-boxing_3333565









If you would like any help finding a local professional fighter to work with please get in touch and I will personally point you in the right direction. Or pop into your local boxing clubs and meet the guys in person! There is no sport where the stars are more accessible  than in boxing.

2013SponsorShirtSo your business can really make a difference to someone else and get rewarded at the same time. So where is the catch? It’s simple there isn’t one.




So can you’re business afford not to sponsor a boxer?

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