Can Haye make a comeback to the pinnacle of boxing by beating The Bomber?

It’s big fight week and social media is going mad once again as everyone becomes an expert for a few days and picks a winner. 

Haye or Bellew? 

The ‘Bermondsey Bitch’ vs ‘Tony Bellend’ in their own words.

This fight has come from nowhere. A youtube/facebook video and a response to Bellew jumping out of the ring post Bj Flores and before you know it, 2 of the biggest names in boxing are lined up to fight it out at the o2 London arena.

The scouse world cruiserweight champion himself admits that he has no interest in mixing at world level in the Heavyweight division but believes as David Haye is a small heavyweight/jumped up cruiserweight, he has what it takes to wear down and beat him.

The ‘Hayemaker’ has claimed he will knock The ‘Bomber’ out early and make him regret asking for this fight. Many agree with the former unified cruiserweight world champion and former heavyweight world champion and give Bellew little to no chance of success. 

The fight makes financial sense to both as it is likely the most financially lucrative fight out there for either of them without fighting Anthony Joshua who is currently tied to his own big fight in April. 

Should David Haye come through his meeting with Bellew unscathed he will likely fight the winner of Joshua vs Klitschko in a huge stadium fight. Should he lose however I am not sure there will be a way back for him. 

In a recent press conference Tony’s trainer David Coldwell pointed out that Haye is only still fighting as his rime at the top was cut short and he didn’t achieve what he wanted to when he was in his prime. He claimed that Haye was unhappy and unsettled and that his charge was more than capable of stopping him. 

David Haye is an explosive puncher and is looking to recreate the kind of stoppage Bellew received when he was halted by Adonis Stevenson. Bellew however has made clear he aims to make Haye miss and tire before ‘charging’ in and ‘giving him a beating’.

I have my own opinion of how this battle will unfold but will stay impartial and instead ask the questions I believe should help you make up your own minds. 

How much of a difference is age going to be in this fight?

Does Haye’s choice of opponents since making his comeback signify his current level of ability?

Can Tony Bellew live with the speed and power of David Haye if Haye come out fast as he promises?

Is David Haye’s shoulder injury completly healed leaving him 100% fit to fight at world level?

If Haye tires as Bellew plans, does Bellew have the skill or power to beat David Haye?
Please leave your thoughts!!!!!!

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