‘Cabbies Only’ boxing. A brilliant business move!

At Ringtone Boxing Gym on Tuesday mornings at 11am, Londons only Cab Driver’s only boxing class takes place!

I was fortunate enough to be invited down to Ringtone Boxing Gym in Euston before Xmas to meet Ben Day. The idea was to talk about Ben and start putting together a profile piece.


Unfortunately we never really scratched the surface on Ben himself as once again I let my mouth run away with me when talking about the boxing.

The thing I found most interesting was Ben’s views on running a boxing gym as a business.  He was upfront and honest and explained what his gym is about and how he makes sure that it works as a business as well as a gym.


One of the most important things in business is adaptability.
The ability to change with the times to make sure you keep the cash flow going. Ben has clearly got a business head and even showed me tables and graphs to back up his reasons for the way he runs his gym.


A great example of the adaptability of the Ringtone boxing gym is the ‘Cabbies Only’ daytime boxing classes.
The idea is to give the guys and girls who drive London taxis somewhere to let off some steam, get fit and have a good time.
It clearly works for them as it’s packed every week. It also works for the gym as it fills it with paying customers during the daytime when the majority of potential customers would be at work. A lot of these guys also now attend other classes having found the sport through the ‘Cabbies Only’ class.


When a lot of boxing gyms are concentrating on the minority of customers such as the Amateur and Professional fighters Ben has realised that the best way to ensure a steady turnover is to make sure the gym doesn’t ignore the majority of people who would use a gym not for competition but instead for fitness, stress relief and leisure.


Check out Ringtone Boxing Gym.


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