Boxing myths exposed – Part 1

If you watch boxing for long enough, you will see a fight so blatantly one sided that you think there is no point in going to the judges…… And then the other guy gets his hand raised?

Myth number 1) The better man always wins on the night.

The truth is, the ref or the judges often get it terribly wrong. Whether swayed by the crowd or influenced by their personal preference, a humans opinion will always be the weakest point in deciding the result in competition. Some terrible decisions go uthe-appalled-reaction-to-michael-conlan-being-robbed-of-an-olympic-medaln-questioned.

The current Olympics has thrown up 2 shocking decisions already!

When you finish reading this article, watch Roy Jones Junior’s Olympic final fight to see just how badly they can get it wrong.

We have all seen some seriously long and uneventful heavyweight fights. Too often, I really don’t know (or care) who won the fight at the end.

Myth number 2) Heavyweights are boring.

Luckily I am not put off easily and have been rewarded to see some of the most exciting fights of my time. The truth is that when your put over 200 lbs of trained fighter in front of another occasionally they will tire and their styles will make for an un-attractive spectacle to watch. But when the styles are right, the explosive power heavyweights have makes for a very exciting fight. With serious power, often in both hands, there are fights which can be won by either man right up until the final bell. These fight can be explosive and change course in an instant. 

Heavyweights are traditionally slower than smaller boxers but there have been breaks in the mould such as Ali and Tyson who can really move quickly and catch opponents with flurries of punches.

floyd-mayweather-manny-pacquiao-in-la-1l82rtj3kt5ph1v0n07vqxc6bsBefore the recent years of Manny, Floyd and company the biggest earners in the sport were always the heavyweights. In the early 1900’s the heavyweight champ was the most famous man on the planet. But unfortunately the fame and wealth doesn’t trickle down the ladder as people might think.

Myth number 3) Professional boxers are all rich.

At the bottom end of professional boxing, the purses can be as low, and lower than £1000 a fight. If you take out the money invested in clothing, equipment, gym fees and specialist diets etc. the take home might actually be less than nothing for those only fighting a few times a year.



Have you ever skipped lunch after a late night and been so tired and miserable by the evening you could literally kill someone who irritates you? Me too!

Myth number 4) The trash talk is fake.3a3ac241053b9f47771bef14c66eeaa6

Whilst some of trash talking and mind games is intentional to draw press and sell a fight, boxers are tired and hungry. Training twice a day and eating a restricted diet then having someone put in front of you who want’s to beat you around the ring will bring out the beast occasionally. The trash talk isn’t always made up. It is the built up anger being directed in the right direction. It’s no surprise then, that the face off after a weigh-in often results in scuffles and heated words when this is probably when most fighters are at their hungriest.


After all the boxing I’ve watched, I still can’t help but look at 2 fighters stood next to each other and pick the more muscular fighter as the most likely to win.

Myth number 5) Small guys can’t bang.

Hamed V KelleyPrince Nazeem Hamed could entertain, dance, trash talk with best and then back it up with freakish power in both hands. He would often knock his opponents out with shots a bigger man would have been proud of.He was very skinny and often looked out of his league and was made the underdog going into fights which he would win in style. Big pecs and biceps may look intimidating but punching power has been proven to come from technique and natural ability. It can be tweaked and technique can improve but no amount of press ups are going to help you if you are not a natural-born puncher.

To be continued…….. Keep an eye out for Part 2!

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