Boxing doesn’t always pay the bills!

The unfortunate case for most boxers is that it is very hard to earn a decent living. Whilst Mr Mayweather and friends scrap over the percentages of their 400 million dollar plus ppv event there are guys working just as hard trying to make weight and get fit to entertain there fans and still struggling to earn a living.

I just saw this on Danny Connor‘s facebook and thought I’d share it with you.

Unless your signed to a big promoter you can forget about earning money from boxing or relying on it as an income, I’m fighting a 10 Rounder for a title and have to return the Promoter £3800 from ticket sales before I make a penny! Trust me this boxing game is not for the weak or faint hearted! You don’t sell your tickets you ain’t eating diner that night! Do well in school kids!!


So next time you stick £20 in Rupert Murdoch’s pocket for a PPV event overseas, have a think about how little more it would cost to go and see some quality live boxing at you local small hall boxing venues!


Danny still has tickets available for this Saturday’s mouth watering show at the York Hall.

Be sure to get at him here for tickets.

By Lee Russell.


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