APPLYING TO BE A BOXER | British Boxing Board of Control

APPLYING TO BE A BOXER | British Boxing Board of Control.


Professional boxing is a hard, demanding sport and like so many other areas of activity or sport in which young people like to participate there is a degree of risk.

The rules of the British Boxing Board of Control governing the licensing of all professional boxers are designed to minimise such risk and to ensure that boxers are fully prepared fit and properly matched to enjoy a rewarding career with some financial benefit. Many young people may be attracted to the sport by the lure of big money and it must be realised from the outset that very few boxers make it to the very top. For most boxers their ring earnings will act as a boost to their ordinary earnings and all potential boxers are therefore advised to ensure that they have a good regular income which they can maintain during their boxing career. A sympathetic and understanding employer is always an asset.

The Board expects that all applicants have had experience in amateur boxing. Amateur records are checked and anybody contemplating a professional career who has not already boxed is advised to contact an amateur club in their area. For anyone striving to get to the top of the professional sport it is almost impossible without first having had a good amateur career. Former British, Commonwealth and former K.1 Champion Matt Skelton is the exception rather than the rule.

The Board may grant a licence to boxers who have no or only limited amateur experience but before doing so they will want to know that they have had proper and good tuition for some period of time under the supervision of a professional trainer and without exception, the applicant will be required to demonstrate his/her skills in a gym assessment prior to further consideration. All applicant boxers are required to be trained and supervised by a licensed trainer/second and all must enter into a standard Boxer/Manager Agreement with a licensed manager of the Board.

To apply for a professional Boxer’s licence you must first supply the following to Head Office:-

- Fully completed original application form
- 4 Passport photographs
- Original Birth Certificate or Passport
- Boxer/Manager Contracts
- Amateur Record Card
- Licence fee payment (to be advised at time of application)

Upon receipt of the above, the information will be forwarded to the relevant Area Secretary.

Following a successful interview and recommendation from your Area Council, Head Office will request the following for consideration:-

- Medical with opticians report
- MRI/MRA brain scan report
- HIV blood test result
- Hepatitis C blood test result
- Hepatitis B surface antigen blood test result
- Evidence of commencement of Hepatitis B vaccinations


To obtain an application form please contact Head Office on 02920 367000.

Despite the demands and risks of the sport, boxing can offer so much to young people, not only financially but also for the forging of friendships which will last a lifetime and the making of important contacts which may be of considerable value once the boxing career is over.

Professional boxing is not a career to be embarked upon lightly but for the dedicated, determined and fit young person it may offer an area of opportunity in times where there may be very few others around.

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