Angel Perales

Angel Perales and The Lunar Boxing Club

Angel Perales
Age  57
Place of birth New York City
Current town/city  Orlando,Florida
Current status?(boxer/trainer/promoter)  TRAINER
Current profession? (outside of boxing)  Retired
Age started boxing?12
How you got into boxing?  My dad was a boxer
Current record am/pro?  42-7 Am     2-2 Pro
I lived in Brooklyn,N.Y. and trained at a gym named LUNAR BOXING CLUB. My trainer was Tito Rivera.  In the late 70s I won the Spanish Gloves Championships 3 times. I was the Junior Olympic Chairman for the N.Y. Metropolitan area in the 70s. I moved to Florida and Started training 4 boys. I turned my apartment into a boxing gym with punching bags, speed bags etc. I now have 40 students. We spar outside in the dirt. In a ring made up of 4 pieces of wood with a rope tied around the sticks. My property manager had no problem with me training the kids and even advertised it. Now she wants us out. No reason and no excuse. I am hoping that I can raise the funds needed to lease a space. I have a fund raising page and hopefully people will donate.
Where you train? (Gym, camps, cardio, S&C)  My apartment/gym
Trainer/trainers/coaches? 2
How much training do you do?  5 days  4 hours per day
Short term goals? To open a real boxing gym instead of training 40 kids in my apartment
Recent news? We appeared on T.V. Last December.
Best achievement so far?  Keeping the kids off the streets.  Having 4 young boxers in the finals of the Silver Gloves Tournament.
Best experiences gained through boxing, outside of the ring? I travelled to Leeds England and Dundee Scotland as a Coach in 1982
Favourite fighter? M. Ali
Nickname/ boxing name: Speedy
Whats coming up for you?  Eviction from my apartment if I continue training my boxers out of my apartment which I turned into a gym.
Social media facebook/twitter links? Angel Perales   /   LUNAR BOXING CLUB Inc.
We are a non-profit organization who reaches out to children, teens, and adults interested in learning the sweet science of boxing. OUR LESSONS ARE FREE !!! We train outside in a Vacant Parking Lot located on Dorscher Road and W.Colonial Drive (formerly a TARGET STORE and most recently Acclaim Accademy) were on this property. Our hours of Training are from 3:00P.M. until 6:00P.M.   Monday thru Friday.  As I said all our lessons are FREE, FREE, FREE !!!  All we ask of our students is that, if they are in school, they must maintain good grades. If their grades start falling they will be suspended from our boxing lessons until they bring their grades up. Report cards and Progress sheets must be presented to the boxing coaches.

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