Amir really Khan cut it at the top Level!

In the early hours of this morning I climbed from the comforts of my bed once again hoping to be entertained by an Amir Khan fight.


There’s no hero worship to be found here. I find Khan to be often over arrogant and unpleasant when talking about other UK-based fighters. When he took a shot at Frankie Gavin after Gavin’s loss to Leanard Bundu earlier this year it became clear to me that I dislike Amir Khan as a person.

So why do I consistently stay up all night or get up early to watch Amir live whilst I am happy to watch the recordings of the other fights from across the Atlantic? The answer is simple. Amir Khan is the most exciting fighter around right now.
With lightning fast hands he attacks opponents throughout every minute of every round. He has a tendency to let his heart rule his head and often goes toe to toe with his opponents when he is hurt. He shows grit and determination and fights fire with fire to try and prove his toughness. This approach has led to knock out losses in the past with Danny Garcia and Breidis Prescott.


This morning saw Amir against a new challenge in southpaw Devon Alexander. Devon stated that his own speed and power would trouble Amir and he didn’t see what Amir does that could possibly trouble him.


What unfolded was a one-sided display of speed and skill as Khan landed consistent flurries or several punches at a time for 12 rounds. Taking a slight break in the 8th giving Devon his only close round, Amir simply beat Devon up with straight rights and left hooks. He had pretty much everything his own way as Devon tried to take the front foot but was forced into turning the way orthodox Khan wanted him too and Khan used superior timing and footwork in such a way he wasted very little.


I actually felt sorry for Devon who could not be blamed for lack of effort as he did throw in combinations and push the fight but unfortunately found nothing but fresh air on the end of nearly all of his shots.


The score-cards reflected my own opinions with one judge giving Devon just one round, and another calling it 12 rounds to 0 in favour of Khan.

In his post fight interviews Khan dismissed a possible world title shot in the UK with Kell Brook and turned his sights instead towards the elite level calling out Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Before such a dominant display last night, I wouldn’t have given Khan much of a chance with either man even though I believed his speed would have caused Floyd trouble for a few rounds. But now I believe in Amir’s speed and defensive ability a lot more than I once did and I’ll put myself on the line and say that I think Amir Khan could beat Floyd Mayweather should they meet next!


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