Does Paul Smith Jr deserve another world title shot?

Paul smith Jr is credit to the sport of boxing. His achievements in the ring along side his brothers have been a joy to watch in recent years.

The former British title holder has won 3 on trot, can draw a crowd at home in  Liverpool and has the backing of Sky Sports broadcasting.


Every time he has faced a world class operator he has been left disappointed. He currently really does not deserve to fight for a world title.

Smith’s top level fights include losses to James Degale, George Groves, Andre Ward, and Arthur Abraham twice. 

Since losing to Andre Ward, Smith has bounced back with 3 wins but these victories were over fighters with very suspect records. Unfortunately, (in my opinion at least) this should not put you in contention for any form of world title shot.

For me Paul Smith Jr’s career defining fight was his exciting win over fellow Liverpudlian Tony Dodson 4 years ago in June for the British title. He has since been fortunate enough to challenge for a world title on more than one occasion and share the ring with one of the pound for pound best fighters in  the world in Andre Ward.

I would have liked to see Smith in a big domestic fight at least with someone like Groves, Fielding, Martin Murray etc. before his name is mentioned in contention for world honours once again but that is boxing. Being part of the Matchroom stable has paid off for Smith as it does many others. Eddie Hearn seems to be able to pull title chances out of his back pocket on a regular basis for his charges whilst other contenders who have to fight their way up the rankings continue to stand in line.

I hope Paul Smith Jr gets the shot and wins so he can retire as World Champion and add to the collection of belts his amazing sporting family have produced but it just doesn’t seem fair to the rest of the division. 

Where does Tony Bellew go to next?

Big Tony. The scouse Rocky? Or the luckiest man in boxing?

A lot of people are split on Tony’s recent win over the former heavyweight champion David Haye. But which ever way you look at how that fight unravelled, Tony was able to live with David Haye’s speed and power making him a prospect of world level heavyweight boxing.

The bomber has openly said that he has no interest in fighting Anthony Joshua, but has recently been talking to Deontay Wilder about a trans-atlantic bout which would sell out any stadium in the UK and sell PPVs world wide.

He has also been called out by Joseph Parker who himself will be looking at Tony as a valuable draw rather than as an established heavyweight challenger.

Of course Bellew also has the David Haye re-match option which would likely be bigger than the first due to the exciting way in which the first fight went.

Hoping for the very best for the one time actor in Creed, the latest  movie in the Rocky franchise. But we all really want to know, does the cruiserweight champ have another huge fight on the horizon and will he get that Rocky moment and lift a version of the Heavyweight title? 

I truly hope so.

Can Haye make a comeback to the pinnacle of boxing by beating The Bomber?

It’s big fight week and social media is going mad once again as everyone becomes an expert for a few days and picks a winner. 

Haye or Bellew? 

The ‘Bermondsey Bitch’ vs ‘Tony Bellend’ in their own words.

This fight has come from nowhere. A youtube/facebook video and a response to Bellew jumping out of the ring post Bj Flores and before you know it, 2 of the biggest names in boxing are lined up to fight it out at the o2 London arena.

The scouse world cruiserweight champion himself admits that he has no interest in mixing at world level in the Heavyweight division but believes as David Haye is a small heavyweight/jumped up cruiserweight, he has what it takes to wear down and beat him.

The ‘Hayemaker’ has claimed he will knock The ‘Bomber’ out early and make him regret asking for this fight. Many agree with the former unified cruiserweight world champion and former heavyweight world champion and give Bellew little to no chance of success. 

The fight makes financial sense to both as it is likely the most financially lucrative fight out there for either of them without fighting Anthony Joshua who is currently tied to his own big fight in April. 

Should David Haye come through his meeting with Bellew unscathed he will likely fight the winner of Joshua vs Klitschko in a huge stadium fight. Should he lose however I am not sure there will be a way back for him. 

In a recent press conference Tony’s trainer David Coldwell pointed out that Haye is only still fighting as his rime at the top was cut short and he didn’t achieve what he wanted to when he was in his prime. He claimed that Haye was unhappy and unsettled and that his charge was more than capable of stopping him. 

David Haye is an explosive puncher and is looking to recreate the kind of stoppage Bellew received when he was halted by Adonis Stevenson. Bellew however has made clear he aims to make Haye miss and tire before ‘charging’ in and ‘giving him a beating’.

I have my own opinion of how this battle will unfold but will stay impartial and instead ask the questions I believe should help you make up your own minds. 

How much of a difference is age going to be in this fight?

Does Haye’s choice of opponents since making his comeback signify his current level of ability?

Can Tony Bellew live with the speed and power of David Haye if Haye come out fast as he promises?

Is David Haye’s shoulder injury completly healed leaving him 100% fit to fight at world level?

If Haye tires as Bellew plans, does Bellew have the skill or power to beat David Haye?
Please leave your thoughts!!!!!!


Mayweather-Mcgregor negotiations. Who is fooling who?

Mayweather is the A side. There’s no doubt. But offering Conor Mcgregor $15million while he stands to bank at least $100million is laughable.

In his last fight against Andre Berto, Floyd made $32million in a fight that many weren’t interested in but considering his previous purses and the fact this was supposed to be his final fight and the equaling of Rocky Marciano’s perfect 49-0 record should have created a much bigger revenue if Floyd is is as big a draw as he tells us he is. But the truth is Floyd needs opponents. He needed Alvarez, Cotto, Hatton, Ortiz and he needed Pacquiao to help him create the buzz to make the numbers he did over the last decade in the sport.

Mcgregor is a huge draw. He may have only earned a maximum of $3million for a fight so far whilst competing in MMA but the draw he provides is what this fight is all about in the first place. The cross over appeal. People are interested again. They want to see the kings of each sport mix it up and are willing to pay to see it. Mayweather vs Mcgregor has more draw than a Pacquiao rematch or an Alvarez rematch and both would likely be offered a much bigger cut of the purse to make a fight.

So if Floyd wants to take the big money but somewhat ‘safe’ fight on his way to 50-0 he needs to lure Mcgregor into the ring and fast. 

The PPVs might not achive the kind of silly numbers Floyd did against Pacquiao but no other fight out there can provide Mayweather with the type of hype he needs to get himself back into the ring.

Something like a 75-25 split would at least make it difficult for Mcgregor to turn the fight down but the current offer on the table from team Mayweather is as good as turning the fight down themselves. 


Hitting like a girl!

One of the biggest fight stories in recent years was the upset when former World champion boxer Holly Holm defeated the golden girl of MMA Rounda Rousey.
Rousey who is a cover model and film star as well as the highest paid female in combat sports is set to comeback in the UFC soon and will likely sell as many PPVs as anyone else in the UFC recently including the notorious Connor Mcgregor.

But this is a boxing blog. 

Rousey’s popularity has demonstrated how a well marketed Female fighter can brimg females to the forefront. So boxing was definitely going to follow sukt very quickly. 

In the UK Eddie Hearn of Matchroom sport has signed 5 time amateur world champion and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor.

Katie is unbelievably popular in Ireland and will likely pick up fans by the thousand in the UK as well staring on shows on Sky Sports. 

 Katie fights this weekend against Karina Kopinska in her debut and is hoping to do for women’s boxing what Rousey did for the UFC.

In the USA the ever popular 2 time Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields has also turned professional and will be looking to do the same across the pond after her successful debut on the undercard of Andre Wars vs Sergey Kovolev last weekend.

The sport just needs a little boost to encourage the stars of the female game to ‘turn over’ and I think there will be a huge surge in females taking up the sport at all levels. 
The future is bright for ‘hitting like a girl’.


Where do Special K and GGG go now?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will by now know that Gennady Golovkin added Kell Brook to his list of scalps last night when trainer Brendon Ingle rescued his charge in the 5th round with the famous throwing of the towel.

Brook looked good in defeat slipping GGG’s punches and landing his own well picked shots. But the combination of an eye injury picked up in the first round and accumulation of punishment received from the relentless and ruthless power of Golovkin’s punches eventually took its toll on the steel city champion. Continue reading


Boxing myths exposed – Part 1

If you watch boxing for long enough, you will see a fight so blatantly one sided that you think there is no point in going to the judges…… And then the other guy gets his hand raised?

Myth number 1) The better man always wins on the night.

The truth is, the ref or the judges often get it terribly wrong. Whether swayed by the crowd or influenced by their personal preference, a humans opinion will always be the weakest point in deciding the result in competition. Some terrible decisions go uthe-appalled-reaction-to-michael-conlan-being-robbed-of-an-olympic-medaln-questioned.

The current Olympics has thrown up 2 shocking decisions already!

When you finish reading this article, watch Roy Jones Junior’s Olympic final fight to see just how badly they can get it wrong.

We have all seen some seriously long and uneventful heavyweight fights. Too often, I really don’t know (or care) who won the fight at the end.

Myth number 2) Heavyweights are boring.

Luckily I am not put off easily and have been rewarded to see some of the most exciting fights of my time. The truth is that when your put over 200 lbs of trained fighter in front of another occasionally they will tire and their styles will make for an un-attractive spectacle to watch. But when the styles are right, the explosive power heavyweights have makes for a very exciting fight. With serious power, often in both hands, there are fights which can be won by either man right up until the final bell. These fight can be explosive and change course in an instant. 

Heavyweights are traditionally slower than smaller boxers but there have been breaks in the mould such as Ali and Tyson who can really move quickly and catch opponents with flurries of punches.

floyd-mayweather-manny-pacquiao-in-la-1l82rtj3kt5ph1v0n07vqxc6bsBefore the recent years of Manny, Floyd and company the biggest earners in the sport were always the heavyweights. In the early 1900’s the heavyweight champ was the most famous man on the planet. But unfortunately the fame and wealth doesn’t trickle down the ladder as people might think.

Myth number 3) Professional boxers are all rich.

At the bottom end of professional boxing, the purses can be as low, and lower than £1000 a fight. If you take out the money invested in clothing, equipment, gym fees and specialist diets etc. the take home might actually be less than nothing for those only fighting a few times a year.



Have you ever skipped lunch after a late night and been so tired and miserable by the evening you could literally kill someone who irritates you? Me too!

Myth number 4) The trash talk is fake.3a3ac241053b9f47771bef14c66eeaa6

Whilst some of trash talking and mind games is intentional to draw press and sell a fight, boxers are tired and hungry. Training twice a day and eating a restricted diet then having someone put in front of you who want’s to beat you around the ring will bring out the beast occasionally. The trash talk isn’t always made up. It is the built up anger being directed in the right direction. It’s no surprise then, that the face off after a weigh-in often results in scuffles and heated words when this is probably when most fighters are at their hungriest.


After all the boxing I’ve watched, I still can’t help but look at 2 fighters stood next to each other and pick the more muscular fighter as the most likely to win.

Myth number 5) Small guys can’t bang.

Hamed V KelleyPrince Nazeem Hamed could entertain, dance, trash talk with best and then back it up with freakish power in both hands. He would often knock his opponents out with shots a bigger man would have been proud of.He was very skinny and often looked out of his league and was made the underdog going into fights which he would win in style. Big pecs and biceps may look intimidating but punching power has been proven to come from technique and natural ability. It can be tweaked and technique can improve but no amount of press ups are going to help you if you are not a natural-born puncher.

To be continued…….. Keep an eye out for Part 2!

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Ticket sales. The worst part of boxing?

Before a single punch is thrown in anger. The promoter better be getting paid.

Boxing like many other sports requires a lot of sacrifice from it competitors.

images (1)To fight professionally you have to pass medicals, get your body into a condition where it can take punches and continue to work well enough to allow you to throw them back. You have to make-weight. This may involve seriously low-calorie diets whilst maintaining a heavy training routine. Early morning runs before work are not uncommon and any boxer who isn’t an idiot will be training hard in the boxing gym and maybe even a strength and conditioning gym also. But to a boxer, this is just life. They maybe a grumpy so and so when they can’t have a pizza on a Friday but they know that every bit of sacrifice will help get them into fighting shape. So it’s no surprise that the sacrifices made are not worst side of the sport for most. Continue reading