AIBA allow pros in Rio!

By now you have no doubt heard that AIBA have ruled in favour of allowing some professional boxers to enter a qualification competition and if succesful will be allowed to enter the Rio Olympics this summer.


This has not been met with open arms by the boxing public with some even labelling the move outrageous and dangerous.

Whilst I strongly believe the top amateur boxers in the world can easily hold their own in the Olympic format against evwn the more seasoned professionals I also strongly believe that mixing the two sports isnt for the benefit of either type of competitor.

Amateurs could possibly miss out on the opportunity they have been training for for the last 4 years. Professionals who lose will likely be labelled failures and if they win they will not get the credit they deserve either.

Who is to gain?

Some professional boxers imcludonf former world champions Amir Khan and Wladimir Klitschko have already expressed there interest in enterimg the competition.

Amir Khan has stated that if eligable he would like to compete under Team Pakistan. Khan won a silver medal for the United Kingdom before turning professional an winning world titles.

Whilst I don’t think many top level pros will enter the competition at such short notice you have to wonder what exactly AIBA were thinking on this one.


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