A Night Less Ordinary

I was sat in a not quite full O2 arena in Greenwich London last night wondering why every seat wasn’t full.
With a packed undercard with top names like Ricky Boylan and John Ryder and a joint main event of Aussie Joel Brunker vs Lee Selby and Anthony AJ Joshua vs the Russian Dennis Bakhtov you would expect a fight for tickets. 


Maybe Eddie hearn banked too much on Joshua’s popularity from London 2012 or maybe people were put off by another foreign fighter they expected would not put up a fight. 
Often fans struggle to get tickets  for example for Froch Groves 1 and 2 and the upcoming Bellew vs Cleverley 2 which sold out almost instantly, so why with a list of fan favourites does Eddie Hearn struggle to sellout the 02 Arena.

Having been to many different sporting events including Football, Cricket, Rugby, MMA, Darts, Athletics etc I can honeslty say there is nothing more exciting then the build up to a main event at a boxing show. Every big punch puts you on the edge of your seat. You feel yourself flinching to avoid the blows. The modern day gladiators really pull you in. For me the undercard is just as important.  Sometimes there are quality 50/50 fights and they often outshine the main event. Go on YouTube and watch Tommy Coyle vs Brizuala, that fight had 8 knock downs, 2 point deductions and nearly went the whole 12 rounds.  Last night Tyler Goodjohn overcome his underdog status to rip the English title away from fan favourite Ricky Boylan in a fight described by many as fight of the year. 

Boxing has had a good time with big shows recently and people are just waiting for fighters to support. The fighters are definitely there in numbers on UK shores so the promoters need to do their job and make sure people hear about the fights well in advance to make sure arenas sellout and maximum tv ratings are achieved. 

I titled this article ‘A night less ordinary’ and that is because I want people to see going to a boxing show as an option instead of the usual 10 pints, kebab and a hangover many of us flock to on a Saturday night. 
A local boxing show can be cheap but great value with many including sit down meals and after parties. But it is definitely worth travelling to a big show capture the atmosphere and be part of something. 
I was lucky enough to get tickets to Froch vs Groves 2 and I will remember the night as the best night of sport I have ever witnessed with several top 50/50 fights and come back knockout wins as well as the wonderful finish in the main event.  At £40 which is less than a lot of Premier league football matches I got nearly 6 hours of quality entertainment, edge of your seat excitement and I was close enough to feel the heat from the flames as George Groves entered the arena, and see the fireworks around the stadium when Carl Froch conclusively knocked him out.
If you have been before and had a great time please share this article and pass on the message. 
If you haven’t txt your mates now.
When Saturday comes get your beer money and your ticket and get yourself to the Boxing.
Seconds Out!
Lee Russell

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