A dent in the armour or a badge of honour? Journeymen.

On the 30th July, I saw some of boxing’s unsung heroes deliver in every way expected of them!

They may have lost again. But in losing a fight they often impress those in boxing who can really see what is happening in that ring.

joe beedenIt was a familiarly sickening situation as they entered their roped off canvas office to go to work. The locals jeered and booed and once again dragged the sport we love into the darkness that often clouds it. 

I, however, took to my feet with a few other knowing pugilistic enthusiasts and gave a round of applause and even a shout out to those who I believe are the backbone of modern boxing. As I stated above, the unsung heroes.

Kris Laight, Matthew Seawright and Joe Beeden provided quality entertainment and great experienced opposition for the local fighters who were being idolised by the local crowds. They delivered a service to the sport, it’s competitors and it’s following.

Between them they boast over 400 fights, near enough all of which went the full distance and earning Kristian the nickname ‘Mr Reliable’. Now that’s tough. They have fought everybody and anybody, often knowing that they will be booed throughout and likely not have their hand raised at the end of the night. But without fail still have had the decency to say some kind words about their opponent before shaking their hands and giving them a round of applause at the end of the fight.

The journeymen I saw take to the ring last Saturday night were a real class act.

They travelled the length of the country with little to no support and worked solidly for every minute of every round to make sure the paying crowd got their money’s worth.

adawayThere was blood spilled, tongues wagged at fans, getting up off the canvas for more and displays of evasiveness that Mr Mayweather himself would have smiled at.

They took shots to the head and body, smiled and took another step forwards.

You would find it hard to find anyone who wouldn’t admire the physical and mental toughness of a travelling boxer who racks up as many fights on his record as these three athletes.

They consistently make-weight meaning they are disciplined in training and diet and are in shape almost the whole year.

The top professional fighters consistently and ironically say that they will fight anyone whilst cherry picking their opponents on a route to bigger money title fights where the risk is worth the reward. There is no shame in that. You get one shot at your record and protecting it is the sensible thing to do for those who aspire to win titles and make serious money from the sport.

A journeyman however doesn’t need to comment on the fact he will fight anyone.

He just does it.

And for that gentlemen we applaud you!

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